Your Best #Vanlife. Pricey Stock Market. iPhone X from an Android User's Perspective.

How a Tax Haven Is Leading the Race to Privatise Space

Luxembourg has shown how far a tiny country can go by serving the needs of global capitalism. Now it has set its sights on outer space.


The iPhone X From an Android User's Perspective

It’s been almost a year since the Google Pixel made me put down my iPhone and transformed me from a Google apps user on Apple hardware to a pure Google acolyte. In the grand tug of war between mobile religions, I’m now pulled in the direction of Android, and I can’t express much regret about it. But Apple has just made official its biggest redesign and rethink of the iPhone ever.


Mass Psychology Supports the Pricey Stock Market

I’ve spent decades studying it, and believe that one way to predict future market moves is to sort through the narratives that sweep through the population and influence decisions on whether to buy or sell. Such an analysis is a matter of art as much as science.


Build, Gather, Brawl, Repeat: The History of Real-Time Strategy Games

The rise and fall of real-time strategy games is a strange one. They emerged gradually out of experiments to combine the excitement and speed of action games with the deliberateness and depth of strategy. Then, suddenly, the genre exploded in popularity in the latter half of the 1990s—only to fall from favor (StarCraft aside) just as quickly during the 2000s amid cries of stagnation and a changing games market.


The Suburb of the Future, Almost Here

Millennials want a different kind of suburban development that is smart, efficient and sustainable.


How to Live Your Best #Vanlife

Brent Rose has lived in a van for over two years. Here’s what made it possible.


Trump Gives Conservatives Their Just Comeuppance

It’s about his addiction to betrayal, his contempt for those who bend their knee to him, his disdain for “losers” (especially when they’re on his side) and his desperate need to be admired by those who despise him most simply because they have the wit to see through him. This is a presidency whose defining feature isn’t ideology, much less policy. It’s neurosis.


Yes, America, PBS's 'the Vietnam War' Is Required Viewing — All 18 Hours of It

Although our preferred means for ripping into one another these days lean heavily on the Civil War (the subject of Burns’s 1990 documentary, which remains his defining masterpiece), a great deal of our national anxiety in 2017 follows a straight line from the 1960s and early ’70s. Burns and Novick’s film doesn’t come out and say so in a blunt way, but you’d be a fool not to pick up on the echoes.


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