Work Dominates Every Moment. Baby Boomers not Millennials. Facebook Builders Disowned.

If Work Dominated Your Every Moment Would Life Be Worth Living?

We are on the verge of total work’s realisation. Each day I speak with people for whom work has come to control their lives, making their world into a task, their thoughts an unspoken burden.


New Data Is Proving the Customer IS Always Right

Keeping customers happy is now becoming the job of everyone in the company, not just a single department. And, to drive growth, companies are finding they must both rethink their relationships with their customers and reevaluate who their customers are.

Learn How to Redefine Customer Service >>

In 2017, Key Facebook Builders Disowned Their Creation

We have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.


How to Make Your Own AR-15

The gun Congress can’t ban.


Silicon Valley's Dumbest 'Inventions' of 2017

The tech industry officially ran out of ideas this year. Rather than tacking on some tech element to things that already exist, it edged closer to just renaming the things that already exist.


Did Climate Change Kill a Polar Bear?

Eva Holland looks at how a disturbing wildlife image went viral—generating anguish, anger, and confusion about the undeniably warming Arctic.


How Netflix Is Trying to Rewrite Movie Marketing with Bright

Any doubts about whether Netflix has effectively established itself as part of the Hollywood community vanish immediately upon stepping into the company’s Los Angeles offices.


How the Baby Boomers — Not Millennials — Screwed America

The Boomers Inherited a Rich, Dynamic Country and Have Gradually Bankrupted It


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