Transactional Marriage. Lots of Stuff. King of Audiobooks.

America, Home of the Transactional Marriage

The country’s exceptionally thin safety net prompts residents—especially those with less-steady employment—to view partnership in more economic terms.


10 Million Readers Are Changing The Way We Buy Books

BookBub’s platform allows readers to access hundreds of free and discounted ebooks. Deals are curated by an expert editorial staff across 35+ genres and change every day.

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Aging Parents With Lots of Stuff, and Children Who Don’t Want It

Today’s young adults tend to acquire household goods that they consider temporary or disposable, from online retailers or stores like Ikea and Target, instead of inheriting them from parents or grandparents.


A Most American Terrorist: The Making of Dylann Roof

And so, after weeks in the courtroom, and shortly before Dylann Roof was asked to stand and listen to his sentence, I decided that if he would not tell us his story, then I would. Which is why I left Charleston, the site of his crime, and headed inland to Richland County, to Columbia, South Carolina—to find the people who knew him, to see where Roof was born and raised.


This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley

John Doerr wanted his new chief of staff to “leverage his time,” which he valued at $200,000 per hour. I liked John. People sometimes compare him to Woody Allen, because he has that strange mixture of nervous energy, nerdy charm, and awkwardness, though John was also an unapologetic salesman.


Inside One of the World's Largest Bitcoin Mines

One of the world’s largest bitcoin mines is located in the SanShangLiang industrial park on the outskirts of the city of Ordos, in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region that’s part of China. It’s 400 miles from China’s capital, Beijing, and 35 miles from the the city of Baotou.


The Dark Side of Resilience

Resilience, defined as the psychological capacity to adapt to stressful circumstances and to bounce back from adverse events, is a highly sought-after personality trait in the modern workplace.


Why George Guidall Is the Undisputed King of Audiobooks

Early in his career as a narrator of audiobooks, George Guidall received a note from a truck driver in Montana. The man had been so absorbed in listening to Mr. Guidall’s eloquent recording of “Crime and Punishment” that he drove off the road. He was writing from his hospital bed to thank Mr. Guidall because he now had time to finish listening to the book.


Steve Bannon Readies His Revenge

The war on Jared Kushner is about to go nuclear.


To Come Up with a Good Idea, Start by Imagining the Worst Idea Possible

As a beginner, you listen more. You’re more inquisitive and interested in learning from everyone, including people who are younger or have less experience. We give ourselves permission to learn constantly.


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