The Power of Jeff Bezos. iOS11, Thoroughly Reviewed. How to Work From Home.

How to Work From Home

There are many things that contribute to becoming a successful work-from-home employee. As more companies across nearly every industry accommodate an increasing number of employees wishing to forego the morning commute and office pantry footfall, remote work has become an increasingly easy and breathlessly viable option for many who seek it.


Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think

Awareness can be part of it, but it’s much more than that


iOS 11, Thoroughly Reviewed

Wide-ranging update is full of changes, but iPad benefits the most.


What to Say to Kids Instead of "Be Careful" 

I tell my four-year-old daughter to “be careful” so often that I’ve abbreviated it to “caref.” It become an instinctual tick. [She’s about to climb out of the bathtub.] “Caref.” [She’s swimming near the pool rail.] “Caref.”


Undercover With the Alt-Right

Last September, Patrik Hermansson, a 25-year-old graduate student from Sweden, went undercover in the world of the extreme right. Posing as a student writing a thesis about the suppression of right-wing speech, he traveled from London to New York to Charlottesville, Va. — and into the heart of a dangerous movement that is experiencing a profound rejuvenation.


I Significantly Underestimated the Power of Jeff Bezos

It was at that awkward moment that Amazon decided that it would punish the New Republic. Our ad sales department received a note, informing us that Amazon would be yanking its advertising for its new political comedy, Alpha House. The missive left nothing to the imagination. “In light of the cover article about Amazon, Amazon has decided to terminate the Alpha House campaign currently running on the New Republic."


The NFL Is Being Devoured by Its Own Economic Model

The absence of real risk of failure is a start. Stakeholders in the NFL cannot lose—at least not under the league’s current structure. Owners split money from the league’s massive TV deals and other media revenue streams. That stream is so dependable, so huge, and so guaranteed that it’s done what large, intractable pools of cash have done since the invention of markets.


Gone Baby Gone

In the wake of the housing crisis, a new breed of real estate investor is destroying America's cities.


10 Regrets Too Many People Will Have in 10 Years

In the final decade of his life, my grandfather woke up every single day at 7AM, picked a fresh wild flower on his morning walk, and took it to my grandmother. One morning, I decided to go with him to see her.


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