The Other Tech Bubble. The Last Jedi. Net Neutrality is Dead.

Net Neutrality Is Dead — What Happens Next?

Openly throttling a service like Netflix might seem far-fetched, but there’s a long history of brazen moves after net neutrality setbacks. “The history of net neutrality,” says Feld, “is that whenever you get rid of the rules, one of the carriers does something stupid that makes people very upset.”


Koch Brothers Are Cities' New Obstacle to Building Broadband

If the Koch brothers were willing to throw money at opposing an incremental, cheap effort to string fiber alongside an existing state network plan, just imagine what they'll be capable of around more ambitious local efforts. There is a major onslaught looming.


‘The Last Jedi’ Has Something That No Other Franchise Can Claim

In Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, the new ‘Star Wars’ movie foregrounds something Marvel, DC, and the rest of the major movie series have not been able find: a complex villain.


My Year of No Shopping

If you want something, wait awhile. Chances are the feeling will pass.


The Other Tech Bubble

As headlines have exposed the troubling inner workings of company after company, startup culture no longer feels like fodder for gentle parodies about ping pong and hoodies. It feels ugly and rotten.


The Past Year of Research Has Made It Very Clear: Trump Won Because of Racial Resentment

More than a year after President Donald Trump won the election, there are still some questions about what drove him to victory: Was it genuine anxiety about the state of the economy? Or was it racism and racial resentment?


This is How a Woman is Erased From Her Job

After taking over from George Plimpton, Brigid Hughes was pushed out as the editor of The Paris Review and omitted from the magazine’s history.


Gift-Giving Tips From Scientists

Every holiday season, as we drive ourselves crazy at the mall or shopping online, soaked in the existential dread that comes from trying to find gifts our loved ones might appreciate.


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