The Neuroscience of Intelligence. World's Wealthiest. Improve Your Life Within a Year.

The Best Books I Read in 2017

Books to better understand Trump, to defend yourself from information overload, to imagine the future.


Tech Behind Raising $37M in Hurricane Harvey Relief

YouCaring received massive traffic during J.J. Watt’s record-breaking crowdfunding effort—learn how they handled the traffic to stay online.

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World's Wealthiest Became $1 Trillion Richer in 2017

With wealth surging to new highs, billionaires may quickly learn that a billion dollars doesn’t buy what it used to. The price of housing has topped $300 million, the cost of divorce has hit $1 billion and a rediscovered painting by Leonardo da Vinci sold for $450.3 million at a Christie’s auction in November, the most expensive work ever sold.


The Neuroscience of Intelligence: An Interview with Richard Haier

Over my career I have seen unbelievable advances in understanding the nature of intelligence despite concerns about what the data might mean. The most important thing in science is to go where the data take you.


Trump, the Insurgent, Breaks With 70 Years of American Foreign Policy

President Trump has transformed the world’s view of the United States from an anchor of the international order into something more inward-looking and unpredictable.


America and the Great Abdication

Don’t mistake Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the world for isolationism.


New Technology We're Actually Excited About for 2018

Yes, 2017's biggest tech story was probably about the ways in which social media forced us to rehash old culture wars and question who was guiding our political discourse. Rather than seeing technology facilitate greater communication, economic opportunity, and leisure, it seemed that it was exacerbating our differences, concentrating wealth, and threatening all livelihoods.


17 Small Habits That Could Seriously Improve Your Life Within A Year

A recent Reddit thread asked, "What small habit, if done every day over the course of a year, can lead to the biggest personal improvement/gain?" Here are some of the best submissions.


What It’s Like to (Almost) Become a Cryptocurrency Millionaire

With a few mouse clicks, I could liquidate my positions and transfer the proceeds (minus fees) into my bank account overnight. After paying capital gains tax, I’d have six figures in legally earned legal tender.


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