Terminal Decline. Americans are Officially Freaking Out. Anti-SpaceX Campaign.

How Cosmic Rays Revealed a New, Mysterious "Void" Inside the Great Pyramid

This tantalizing finding raises more questions than it answers.


What Can Airlines Learn From Silicon Valley?

When it comes to air travel, like any customer service experience, it’s more likely that passengers remember a negative experience than a positive one. But it’s these pain points that provide the launch pad for ways airlines can improve their UX.

Learn About the UX of Travel »

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC

When I was asked to run the Democratic Party after the Russians hacked our emails, I stumbled onto a shocking truth about the Clinton campaign.


America Is Facing an Epistemic Crisis

What if Mueller proves his case and it doesn’t matter?


Why the Idea That the World Is in Terminal Decline Is So Dangerous

From all sides, the message is coming in: the world as we know it is on the verge of something really bad. From the Right, we hear that ‘West’ and ‘Judeo-Christian Civilisation’ are in the pincers of foreign infidels and native, hooded extremists. Left-wing declinism buzzes about coups, surveillance regimes, and the inevitable – if elusive – collapse of capitalism.


Americans Are Officially Freaking Out

Almost two-thirds say this is the lowest point in U.S. history—and it’s keeping a lot of them up at night.


The Other Reformation: How Martin Luther Changed Our Beer, Too

On this day 500 years ago, an obscure Saxon monk launched a protest movement against the Catholic Church that would transform Europe. Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation changed not just the way Europeans lived, fought, worshipped, worked and created art but also how they ate and drank. For among the things it impacted was a drink beloved throughout the world and especially in Luther's native Germany: beer.


Arsenic and Old Leeches

Three reasons why you shouldn’t consult the nineteenth-century WebMD archives.


Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web

We're quietly replacing an open web that connects and empowers with one that restricts and commoditizes people. We need to stop it.


Breitbart, Other Conservative Outlets Escalate Anti-SpaceX Campaign

In Washington DC, politics sometimes matter more than a rocket's power or price.


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