Sleep Deprivation. Bitcoin Crashed. The Fall and Rise of Xiaomi.

How to Actually Come Back from the Holidays Feeling Refreshed

We are told the winter holidays are supposed to be a magical time of deep connection with loved ones, good meals, warm fires, and gift-giving. And yet, for many of us, the winter holidays don’t live up to our expectations, because we don’t know how to strike the right balance between rest and productivity.


Is A.I. the Key to the Future of Your Business?

The point is not to be lectured by a machine, says Mars, but rather to change bad habits and help motivate people to improve their lives.

Fine Out How >>

Behind the Fall and Rise of China's Xiaomi

The comeback has made Xiaomi a poster child for China’s entrepreneurial dynamism. More than 10,000 new businesses are started every day in China — that’s seven Chinese startups born each minute.


How to Ad-Proof Your Kid

Research shows that kids respond to ads much differently than adults do—for instance, junk food commercials are alarmingly effective on them. Children under eight are especially vulnerable because they lack the cognitive skills to understand that what they’re seeing is an ad.


Should You Shower in the Morning, or at Night? Yes.

We are the takers of night showers, and we stand in opposition to the takers of morning showers, a vocal many I’ve bickered with time and again.


2017 Was YouTube's Best Year Ever. It Was Also Its Worst.

Will YouTube’s mounting scandals ever slow the business down?


HQ Trivia Is a Harbinger of Dystopia

What do you get from a live game-show app? a. Fun b. Money c. Social collapse


Here's Why Sleep Deprivation Is Toxic and Will Eventually Kill You

You can live for about three minutes without air, three days without water and about 21 days without food. But in between food and water, there is something else critically essential: sleep.


Bitcoin Crashed and Took the Whole Market Down With It

The price of bitcoin plunged on Friday, continuing a steady downward spiral that’s lasted all week. True believers are shrugging it off, but with its newfound notoriety, a lot of latecomers are feeling some pain.


At Google, Eric Schmidt Wrote the Book on Adult Supervision

In 2001, Schmidt became Google’s CEO, keeping the job for a decade of incredible growth and mindboggling impact. He then remained a key part of leadership as its executive chair, even as the corporation restructured itself in 2015 to a holding company named Alphabet, with Google its largest and most profitable division.


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