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5 Ways to Increase Revenue by Changing Your Workflows Webinar

Work smarter, not harder. Watch this webinar to learn how improving inefficient workflows leads to huge gains in revenue and productivity.

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Top 10 Hacks for Automating Your Life

With a bit of ingenuity, you can automate a lot of your life so you don't have to trudge through the boring stuff. Here are ten things you can automate right now.


eSignatures 101

Good for productivity, security, and the environment. Learn the ins and outs of eSignatures and how to make the switch from paper signing.

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Amazon’s Friction-Killing Tactics To Make Products More Seamless

In this exclusive interview, Brahmbhatt takes us through how to detect and anticipate points of friction through monitoring steps in a customer’s journey with your product.


6 Friction Points That Are Killing Your Business

Eliminating sources of friction in your business makes for a smoother, more profitable company. Here’s six places to start.

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Why Programmers Should Automate More

Everyone’s daily work is filled with similar tedious chunks insomuch that it’s hard to distinguish the real work. Time spent in these trivial tasks eats into the real work; worse, creates an impression that real work is getting done.


How Instacart Optimized Contractor Onboarding

Learn how Instacart, a highly personalized grocery delivery service, overcame logistical issues and optimized its onboarding experience.

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How to Win with Automation (Hint: It’s Not Chasing Efficiency)

So the first challenge for business leaders facing a new age of automation is not try to simply to cut costs, but to identify the next big area of value creation.


Great Employee Onboarding Starts with HelloSign

New employee paperwork is a dreaded part of onboarding. Learn how HelloSign makes the administration portion fast and simple for everyone.

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Where machines could replace humans—and where they can’t (yet)

As automation technologies such as machine learning and robotics play an increasingly great role in everyday life, their potential effect on the workplace has, unsurprisingly, become a major focus of research and public concern. The discussion tends toward a Manichean guessing game: which jobs will or won’t be replaced by machines?


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