Our National Narratives. Robert Mueller Sends a Message. The End of Facebook.

10 Things to Know About Sleep as the Clocks Go Back

How much do we know about sleep and its impact on our lives, from our health and mood, to how long we'll live?


Why Snapchat Spectacles Failed

Hundreds of thousands of pairs of Spectacles sit rotting in warehouses after the company bungled the launch. Initial hype and lines for its roving, limited time only Snapbot vending machines led Snap to overestimate demand but underdeliver on quality and content.


Our National Narratives Are Still Being Shaped by Lecherous, Powerful Men

In hearing these individual tales, we’re not only learning about individual trespasses but for the first time getting a view of the matrix in which we’ve all been living: We see that the men who have had the power to abuse women’s bodies and psyches throughout their careers are in many cases also the ones in charge of our political and cultural stories.


Political Journalism Has Been Profoundly Shaped by Men Like Leon Wieseltier and Mark Halperin

When I arrived in Washington in 2005, Mark Halperin and Leon Wieseltier occupied the commanding heights of political journalism.


Robert Mueller Sends a Message: He’s Deadly Serious

News of an imminent arrest has moved the Mueller investigation firmly into the media spotlight, where it is likely to stay.


Forget Washington. Facebook’s Problems Abroad Are Far More Disturbing.

“In a lot of these countries, Facebook is the de facto public square,” said Cynthia Wong, a senior internet researcher for Human Rights Watch. “Because of that, it raises really strong questions about Facebook needing to take on more responsibility for the harms their platform has contributed to.”


This Could Be the End of Facebook

I believe that anyone who is as intelligent as Sheryl Sandberg is—I think she is a remarkable woman—I think she knows they are a media company, and for her, I think she’s towing the party line on behalf of her boss, and eroding her own credibility. I think she had her Sarah Huckabee Sanders moment, and it’s really a shame.


The Best Learning Apps

Your smartphone or tablet can be a teacher as well as a babysitter.


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