Modern Mass Extinction. A New American Revolution. Big Tech's Rivals Pounce.

Is the Modern Mass Extinction Overrated?

We are ignoring the gains that balance the losses.


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A New American Revolution Is Starting in New England—Against Daylight Saving Time

The Eastern Time Zone spans Maine to Michigan. Parts of eastern New England are dark many waking hours of the day, with the sun setting before 4pm in winter. But if parts of New England move to Atlantic Time, the continental United States will go from four to five time zones. That’s a much bigger problem than early sunsets in eastern New England.


The Seventy-Four Best Entries in The Devil’s Dictionary

Admiration, n. Our polite recognition of another’s resemblance to ourselves.


Big Tech’s Rivals Pounce at Chances to Win in Washington

For years, the country’s biggest technology companies have been virtually untouchable in Washington. The public adored the companies’ new devices, educators embraced their tools and politicians extolled their contributions to the economy. Even traditionally powerful voices, like media and telecom businesses, found little success in criticizing the technology industry.


Why Nerds and Nurses Are Taking Over the U.S. Economy

A blockbuster report from government economists forecasts the workforce of 2026—a world of robot cashiers, well-paid math nerds, and so (so, so, so) many healthcare workers.


'Tiny House Hunters' and the Shrinking American Dream

It is painfully transparent that people with tiny house budgets often have McMansion dreams.


The NBA’s Prometheus

On the court, the King shaped the way the modern game is played by introducing an era of unicorns and positional flexibility. He also changed the way superstars do business. And if he wants another ring, he’ll have to defeat teams constructed using the blueprint he drew up.


The Battle That Created Germany

Archaeologists have made a fascinating discovery that could rewrite the history of a legendary battle between Germanic tribes and the Romans in the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD.


Deal With the Real World, Not the Ideal World

If you want to have a good life and take care of others, he argues, you have to stand up for yourself.


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