iPhone X First Impressions. Russian Influence. Luke Skywalker Speaks.

The First First Impression of the iPhone X

I’ve had this phone since last Tuesday. Apple had given me this early peek in part because I was one of the first pre-release reviewers of the original iPhone. Given that history, we all thought it would be interesting to get my impressions of what the company clearly believes is the next milestone in a journey that has pretty much altered our relationship with technology.


Russian Influence Reached 126 Million Through Facebook Alone

Russian agents intending to sow discord among American citizens disseminated inflammatory posts that reached 126 million users on Facebook, published more than 131,000 messages on Twitter and uploaded over 1,000 videos to Google’s YouTube service.


‘The Russians Have Succeeded Beyond Their Wildest Expectations’

Former intelligence chief James Clapper says President Trump is dead wrong about Russian interference in America’s elections. And they’re going to get away with it again, he warns.


A Tsar Is Born

As the world marks the centenary of the October Revolution, Russia is once again under the rule of the tsar


A Beginner's Guide to Getting Things Done

The basic concept of GTD is that your brain is excellent at having new ideas, but terrible at remembering them. For example, it remembers that you need to get a present for your mum’s birthday next week, but instead of reminding you when you walk past her favorite store, it just leaves you with a nagging feeling that you should have bought something… for someone…?


Chefs Reveal the Foods You Should Never Order at a Restaurant

When it comes to dining out, we may all have our personal preferences, but who better to give insider tips on what not to order at a gourmet restaurant than the chefs themselves?


America's Love Affair with Uniformed Men Is Problematic

It also leads to a lot of fuzzy thinking about the armed forces.


The Web Began Dying in 2014, Here's How

What has changed over the last 4 years is market share of traffic on the Web. It looks like nothing has changed, but GOOG and FB now have direct influence over 70%+ of internet traffic.


Luke Skywalker Speaks

Mark Hamill has always embraced his “Star Wars” legacy, but when he was invited back for “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi,” he hesitated: “I was just really scared.”


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