How We Make Up Our Minds. Win a War on Drugs. Hardest Video-Game Bosses.

On Russian Meddling, Mark Zuckerberg Follows a Familiar Playbook

Inside Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg’s exhortations carry the weight of God. That’s why the detailed plan he offered to address election meddling is a very big deal.


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The 100 Hardest Video-Game Bosses, Ranked

From gods and zombies to a ship and a song, the one trait they share is an ability to end your game swiftly.


New Antibody Attacks 99% of HIV Strains

Scientists have engineered an antibody that attacks 99% of HIV strains and can prevent infection in primates.


How to Win a War on Drugs

Decades ago, the United States and Portugal both struggled with illicit drugs and took decisive action — in diametrically opposite directions. The U.S. cracked down vigorously, spending billions of dollars incarcerating drug users. In contrast, Portugal undertook a monumental experiment.


Change Becomes You

Being the same person over time is not about holding on to every aspect of your current self but about changing purposefully.


A High-End Mover Dishes on Truckstop Hierarchy, Rich People, and Moby Dick

On the beauty and burdens of the long haul.


Kim Jong-un Called Trump a ‘Dotard.’ What Does That Even Mean?

The obscurity of “dotard” made it perfect fodder for social media, generating quips about the otherwise unfunny subjects of ballistic missiles, nuclear tests and escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Some commenters, however, pointed out that the use of a funny word should not eclipse the seriousness of tensions in the region.


Netflix, Microsoft, and Google Just Quietly Changed How the Web Works

It’s unavoidable that on the internet, the interests of users and corporations will collide. Preserving personal privacy is at odds with serving advertising. Making websites equally fast and accessible no matter what their content is or who owns it — also known as net neutrality — is at odds with Comcast’s bottom line. But the most frequent flashpoint in the users-versus-corporations conflict seems to be copyright.


The Invention of AI 'Gaydar' Could Be the Start of Something Much Worse

Researchers claim they can spot gay people from a photo, but critics say we’re revisiting pseudoscience


How Apple Built An iPhone Camera That Makes Everyone A Professional Photographer

How does Apple think about iPhone camera design? Obsessively.


How We Make Up Our Minds

You’ve probably heard that we only use 10 percent of our brains. You might also know that this is a famous or even infamous scientific myth — no more than a scientific urban legend. But why do so many people believe it when the experts don’t? It’s one of many instances in which people resist scientific understandings in favor of imprecise, inaccurate, or just plain wrong theories about how nature works.


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