Eugenics 2.0. Spot Fake News. End of the Startup Era.

Eugenics 2.0: We’re at the Dawn of Choosing Embryos by Health, Height, and More

Will you be among the first to pick your kids’ IQ? As machine learning unlocks predictions from DNA databases, scientists say parents could have choices never before possible.


How Do You Focus?

A friend of mine, Lachlan Campbell, recently asked me how I focus, especially when there’s so much going on. It’s a great question and I’m sure very apropos to Lachlan’s life. They’re a student, budding entrepreneur, and just a busy busy person.


Learning To Spot Fake News: Start With A Gut Check

"When you feel strong emotion — happiness, anger, pride, vindication — and that emotion pushes you to share a 'fact' with others, STOP." His reasoning: Anything that appeals directly to the "lizard brain" is designed to short-circuit our critical thinking. And these kinds of appeals are very often created by active agents of deception.


Why the 'End of the Startup Era' Could Be Great for Entrepreneurs

Three prominent tech thinkers recently declared the end of the startup era, questioned the future of tech innovation generally and heralded the rise of the “Frightful Five” — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft — who will dominate the future of tech. All of the posts make credible arguments, but ignore how consolidation could be good, even great, for startups.


White House Attacks Legacies of Both Bush Presidents After Reports That They Refused to Vote for Trump

The White House on Saturday disparaged the legacies of the only two living Republican presidents to precede Donald Trump, after reports that both men castigated Trump in interviews last year and refused to vote for him.


Twitter Sidestepped Russian Account Warnings, Former Worker Says

In 2015, a manager discovered a trove of accounts with Russian and Ukrainian IP addresses.


How Strava, The App For Athletes, Became An App For Cities

Strava built a popular social network for millions of runners and cyclists. But more than 100 cities and states are quietly working with the app, too.


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