Ashamed to Work in Silicon Valley. Your Undivided Attention. China Makes First Contact.

Fake Friends and Family for Hire

In Japan, you can pay an actor to impersonate your relative, spouse, coworker, or any kind of acquaintance.


A More Meaningful Christmas Card

A handwritten note on a festive Lovepop can be the best Christmas gift of all. With over 30 holiday inspired pop up cards you can find the perfect design for everyone on your list. All orders ship fast and free.

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The Seven Megatrends That Could Beat Global Warming: 'There Is Reason for Hope'

Until recently the battle to avert catastrophic climate change – floods, droughts, famine, mass migrations – seemed to be lost. But with the tipping point just years away, the tide is finally turning, thanks to innovations ranging from cheap renewables to lab-grown meat and electric airplanes.


An Open Letter to the CEO of Apple

But what unsettles me the most is the way in which Apple instructed a law firm to obtain an “official assurance of tax exemption” from the government of a country. Why do you want that? Why do you feel entitled to not pay any taxes in a country? Did you want to make zero-tax status a precondition for establishing tax residency there? What gives you the right to do so?


Remembering Laika, Space Dog and Soviet Hero

Laika in a training capsule before her mission to space. After the flight, Laika was seen as a hero, but there was a dark lie at the core of her story.


Facebook Isn’t Recording Your Conversations, But It May as Well Be

Facebook does have a history of disrespecting users’ privacy. In 2010 they changed everyone’s default privacy settings, and in 2007 they notified people about their friends’ purchases on other sites with a tool called Facebook Beacon, triggering public outcry and eventually paying a $9.5 million class action settlement.


Ashamed to Work in Silicon Valley: How Techies Became the New Bankers

Wall Street has long been the industry people love to hate. But as big tech’s reputation plummets, suddenly a job at Facebook doesn’t seem so cool.


Thank You for Your Undivided Attention

Time to wake up. Your smartphone sits three inches away from your head at bedtime. Last night you had a night terror about being separated from it.


How to Get Oprah to Say Your Name, and Other Life Lessons From Writer-Comedian H. Alan Scott

H. Alan Scott’s goal is to tell people stories, make them laugh, and to leave them with a perspective they hadn’t considered before. Whether it be through his writing or stand-up, chronicling his cancer treatment on the Internet, or documenting his conversion to Judaism and preparation for his Bar Mitzvah at age 34, he’s meeting that goal time and time again.


These Are the Things Restaurant Workers Wish You Knew

Recently, we asked people who worked in the food service industry if there were any insights about their job they wished restaurant patrons would know, and we got some great answers. Whether it’s about tipping, food orders, or how you should and shouldn’t treat the wait staff, these are the secrets to being a good customer.


What Happens If China Makes First Contact?

As America has turned away from searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, China has built the world’s largest radio dish for precisely that purpose.


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