7 Productivity Methods. Perfect Work-Life Balance. Key to Perfect Product.

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This Woman Reads 100 Books In A Month (And How You Can Too)

Find out one woman’s secret trick to devouring 100 bestselling nonfiction books in 1 month.

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We Tested 7 Top Productivity Methods So You Don’t Have To

The Pomodoro Technique or GTD? With so many productivity methods out there, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Find out what approach best suits you thanks to these frank, tried-and-tested reviews.

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5 Questions Productive People Ask Themselves to Stay Focused

Don't worry; you aren't doomed to forever be a scatterbrain. There are factors that can boost or break your focus. But productive people know how to work around distractions. Begin by checking on yourself with these five questions.


The Secrets To German Efficiency

Everybody knows the stereotype: the hardworking German with a laser focus who gets things done. This article explains the method behind German smart work.

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5 Time-Saving Productivity Hacks, Reviewed

Time is money — and these hacks could help you free up several hours per week.


Meet The App That Revolutionized Book Reading For 3 Million People

No time to read? Meet the app that is creating new ways for people to fit nonfiction books into their day-to-day.

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The Two Things Killing Your Ability to Focus

This problem is not unusual. Executives across the world stumble through each day in much the same way. Two major challenges are destroying our ability to focus.


The Secret To The Perfect Work-Life Balance (and Professional Success)

You need to master one simple word to optimize the balance between work and play in your life.

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3 ways to squash burnout and boost productivity

Something that I always knew in the back of my mind, but never really faced, was this one simple fact: The biggest myth about productivity is that it’s a measure of how much you get done.


Why Steve Jobs Took it Slow: The Key to Making a Perfect Product

Faster isn’t always better. In fact, sometimes a leisurely pace is precisely what you need to work smart and excel.

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