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Shrey Goyal

Shared August 11, 2017


Jignesh Darji

Shared January 28, 2019

This is mind-blowing. This article is more about the scientific exploration of the placebo by real doctors and findings are astounding.

Jon Christie

Shared July 17, 2017


Art Lukas

Shared October 26, 2017

Placebos tweak our experience of symptoms, not their underlying causes.

Aids Si

Shared September 18, 2017

Colloca has a different interpretation of his results. She says there’s a difference between belief and expectation, so while the patients may not believe the pill will work, they still unconsciously expect it to.

That’s because, she says, they still have a deep-seated conditioned memory for what it means to take a pill. They have a conditioned memory for what it means to be in the care of another person. And that memory is indeed an expectation that can kick-start the analgesic effect in the brain. They don’t have to be aware it’s happening.

Sarah Schumacher

Shared July 17, 2017


John Davidson

Shared July 17, 2017

Belief is the oldest medicine known to man.

Aurimas Račas

Shared August 13, 2017

This is where things get a little weird.

Colloca has conducted many studies where for several days, a patient will be on a drug to combat pain or deal with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Then one day, she’ll surreptitiously switch the patient over to a placebo. And lo and behold, they still feel healing effects.