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    Think back to the last time the internet brought you joy. We want to put more of those moments at your fingertips—whether it’s a favorite podcast episode, heartwarming personal essay, or reliably fantastic recipe.  

    That’s why Pocket is introducing The Joy List Project. A chance to celebrate and share those “keeper” pieces that you come back to time and again—the ones that reliably elicit a smile, happy sigh, or belly laugh.

    We’re kicking this effort off in May, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Read on as our contributors walk you through their all-time essential articles, videos, recipes, poems, memes, and more.

    Here’s hoping our contributors’ favorites spark a little joy for you. Save the pieces you connect with, and start building your own personal Joy List right in your Pocket.

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    My Joy List: Mary H.K. Choi

    The Emergency Contact author shares her favorite Carpool Karaoke bit, a classic piece from The Onion , and a podcast episode that “liquifies [her] insides.”

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    My Joy List: Roman Mars

    The host of 99% Invisible explains his love for the Sunday crossword, “tink-tink-plunk-plunk” music, and more.

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    My Joy List: Zeke Smith

    The writer (and former Survivor contestant) talks drag chess, Anthony Bourdain, and more.

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    My Joy List: Angelina Spicer

    The comedian and “accidental activist” shares her favorite Twitter feed, the site she wishes she’d had as a new mom, and more.

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    My Joy List: Joél Leon

    The writer and performer talks DMX, Fran Lebowitz, and more of the inspiration that fuels him.

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    The Pocket Team's Joy List

    From mapping Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books to perfecting hard boiled eggs, our team shares the pieces we love coming back to, time after time.