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Daniel Burka

Shared January 11, 2017

His dream, Tran tells Quartz, “was never to become a billionaire.” It is “to make enough fresh chili sauce so that everyone who wants Huy Fong can have it. Nothing more.”

Wesley Verhoeve

Shared February 14, 2017


Omkar Kamalapur

Shared March 16, 2017

Sriracha sauce is the bomb yo.

Sar Haribhakti

Shared January 11, 2017

Most commercially distributed hot sauces are made with dried chilies to make it easier to harvest, process and bottle the product at scale. McIlhenny, the maker of Tabasco, for example, buys its chilies from producers around the globe. But Sriracha is—and always always has been—made with fresh chilies. It’s what separates it from the competition, says Tran


Shared February 4, 2017

patrons of Sriracha tend to know little if anything about the company whose product they consume by the gallon. “It’s all been word of mouth,” Hammond says. It takes little more than a glance at the bottle to learn that Sriracha is currently made in Rosemead, California, but “most people still think Sriracha comes from Asia.”

Ankit Kumar Pansari

Shared January 5, 2017

Focus on the product. But just

Vidyuth Anand

Shared January 1, 2017

Breaking into the myth behind one of the most mysterious companies in the world

Alexandre Gravel

Shared January 2, 2017

So much opportunity left on the table. But an entrepreneur I can only admire for sticking to his convictions and putting a quality product on tables.

Fredrik Stenbeck

Shared February 4, 2017

A story worth reading. True entrepreneurship!

Kevin O'Neill

Shared December 27, 2016

Love this story. Speaks to focusing on your product and how results will follow.

Salonee Sanghvi

Shared December 22, 2016

Behind the Sriracha craze that's taken over the world

Mutugi Mutegi

Shared March 18, 2017

Never tasted Sriracha sauce, yet this got me wanting to try some.

Gábor Gyebnár

Shared January 8, 2017

Ezt a cuccot szoktam a reggelimre kenni. Olyasmi, mintha létezne nem szétsózott Piros Arany. Évi 20 millió tubust adnak el belőle nulla marketinggel.

Gaurav Rekhi

Shared December 22, 2016

Some things sound random in titles but are fascinating stories

Norbert Fernandes

Shared January 5, 2017

Tran doesn’t want anyone to know how fast Huy Fong is growing for fear that more people will show up at his doorstep with business pitches he doesn’t care to hear and growth plans he couldn’t be less interested in. He says a number of investors have already approached with piles of cash and lofty promises, even full-on offers to buy the company on the spot. Tran has turned them all away. “People who come here are never interested in the product, only in the profits,” he laments.

Mr. Thoro

Shared January 24, 2017

One of the few data points Tran will reveal about Huy Fong is that it processed some 100 million pounds (45 million kilograms) of fresh chilies last year over the course of its harvest season, which lasts only 10 weeks and provides for the entirety of the company’s yearlong Sriracha sales.

Anmol Jain

Shared June 1, 2017

The Hot Sauce! ;)


Shared December 19, 2016


Ryan Williams

Shared April 6, 2017

I put it on everything 🌶😃

Albaabur Rahman

Shared April 24, 2017

For the FMCG guys:
Single Product, $60m annual sales, not a single salesman and not a single cent in advertising. How does everyone know sriracha? A beautiful product story. Good Read

Cinthia Panayotti

Shared February 4, 2017

Sriracha sales last year reached some 20 million bottles to the tune of $60 million dollars, percentage sales growth is in the double digits each year, and it does all this without spending a cent on advertising.

McKinley Valentine

Shared January 22, 2017

C Urq

Shared January 23, 2017

What a boss #sriracha

Tom Ruttle

Shared December 30, 2016

I feel like this guy has his priorities in the right order.

Adam Snider

Shared February 1, 2017

The man behind Sriracha is a reluctant CEO. He just wants to make tasty hot sauce.

Rex Arce

Shared January 27, 2017

Product before profit.

Mordi P. Chukwu

Shared February 13, 2017

His dream, Tran tells Quartz, “was never to become a billionaire.” It is “to make enough fresh chili sauce so that everyone who wants Huy Fong can have it. Nothing more.”

Jakub Jetmar

Shared December 28, 2016

Chilli FTW.

Today hot sauce is an emerging global business. The industry, which is among the 10 fastest growing in the US, now rakes in over $1 billion a year in global sales.

nabil kazerouni

Shared January 27, 2017

Interesting read about an extreme example of focusing on product over profit.

“People who come here are never interested in the product, only in the profits,”

Hosam Shawli

Shared February 23, 2017

you are welcome

Kamil Steć

Shared March 30, 2017

The other upshot of the high demand is that in 33 years, according to Tran, Huy Fong Foods has neither employed a single salesman nor spent a cent on advertising. Advertising would merely widen the gap between demand and supply even further. “I don’t advertise, because I can’t advertise,” Tran explained.

Mark Swain

Shared May 28, 2017

Test 5

arnab ghosh

Shared July 14, 2017

The story of #Sriracha - from humble beginnings to popularity across borders... cool stuff

Allison Oser

Shared December 22, 2016

Matt check this out!

Umar Z Aziz

Shared January 17, 2017

Komoditas hasil pertanian cabai merupakan salah satu 10 industri hasil pertanian yang sangat berkembang pesat....dimana negara Vietnam yang menjadi pengimpor cabai ke amerika dan negara eropa lainnya. Kemungkinan indikasi bhw Indonesia akan meminta Vietnam untuk memasukan cabai mereka ke Indonesia.....??

Aleksander Fronczek

Shared March 18, 2017


Nate Kiernan

Shared April 1, 2017

I've never been huge on Sriracha, but it is always fascinating to me when huge companies can remain at all anonymous at this point in time.

Robert Powell

Shared April 14, 2017

GR eat sauce, great story. There should be more businesses like this.

Rajesh Chakravarthy

Shared April 29, 2017

An amazing story where demand far exceeds supply. Lesson learnt: Profits can also be thought of as a side effect of product quality.

Sonali Patil

Shared May 19, 2017

Sriracha's interesting story to success..

Jason Warner

Shared August 19, 2017

Amelia Loke

Shared January 4, 2017

It feels like everyone has Sriracha in some form on their shelves, including trendy restaurants. But we know hardly anything about the makers of this iconic sauce. It's time to get informed on this unlikely story.

Todd walters

Shared January 11, 2017


yang Lin

Shared January 11, 2017


Andrew Flint

Shared January 30, 2017

Great story of why a great product and belief in that product is so important. I also love Sriracha!

Samy Abdelhamid

Shared February 4, 2017

Product before Profit

Shared February 8, 2017

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Matthew Luedke

Shared February 9, 2017

The company and its founder's quirkiness may well make me enjoy siracha even more.

Shruthi A

Shared February 16, 2017

His dream, Tran tells Quartz, “was never to become a billionaire.”

His dream, Tran tells Quartz, “was never to become a billionaire.”


Shared February 17, 2017


Sizz Maple

Shared February 22, 2017



Shared February 22, 2017

Passion for hot sauce.
- 8 Minutes -

DJ Sekar

Shared March 13, 2017

"most people still think Sriracha comes from Asia."

Rosanna Hoxie

Shared April 19, 2017

I love sriracha

kyle barry

Shared April 23, 2017

Hard working company with a popular product.

Leena A

Shared June 19, 2017

David Tran is the original hipster.

Dylan Hunter

Shared July 6, 2017

The company that makes this hot sauce is unusual with the way they do it but it still comes the in my opinion the best tasting hot sauce in the world

Sidney Howard

Shared July 9, 2017

Love it

Sunshine W.

Shared July 22, 2017


Maja Makowiecka

Shared August 10, 2017

Intresting❤️I'm recomending that

Masdodi Maskanda

Shared September 3, 2017

No advertisement. Really?

Earl Balisi

Shared September 5, 2017

great read about the best hot sauce (for pho)


Shared October 11, 2017

Love chilli

Jane Lin

Shared 3 days ago

What do you know, putting product over profit may actually be sustainable.

Jonathan Potter

Shared April 6, 2017

I love this sauce and it is a great story. Should be available in Vietnamese stores.