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只超 One

Shared December 20, 2016



Shared April 13, 2017

I wish I could get paid to toss out half-arsed analysis* like this.

Thomas Vincent

Shared January 25, 2018

Mossberg articulates Apples latest challenge..

Kutbuddin Kanchwala

Shared January 18, 2017

Journey of I phone from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook

Ramesh Lakshminarasimhan

Shared March 7, 2017

This is a last year writeup on Apple's successes and failures, but still very relevant!

David Salman

Shared February 2, 2018


Harshith Ravella

Shared January 23, 2017

This article was very interesting to me.

Sod Maz

Shared August 4, 2017

Five years ago last week, the legendary Steve Jobs stepped

Anthony J Conforti

Shared September 2, 2017



Shared September 9, 2017

I'm a huge a Apple Lady. I'm an Apple Lady through and through. I don't allow my fam to get any Samsung, or Moto, anything. Except Apple. Apple was first and they put their heart and soul into the company.

Mark Davis

Shared February 2, 2018

I do not think a breakthrough product is necessary. It is using the breakthrough products you have and with software integrating then into people's lives.