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Nikki Will

Shared June 12, 2016

I feel like I am living in peak coffee culture these days and this is the most accurate description I've read.

Of course, you might mess it all up, and if you do — as you totally know — you'll have at minimum rendered meaningless the life of a plant, the time and labor of a farmer, the care of a processor, the energy of an importer, the discernment of a coffee buyer, and the skill of a roaster. And there are so, so many ways to screw it up.

Wesley Verhoeve

Shared January 20, 2017

The tone and personality of this piece is fantastic.

jonathan bruck

Shared June 13, 2016


Sean O'Kane

Shared June 13, 2016

A roller coaster of emotions right here 😂😳

Sean O'Kane

Shared June 13, 2016

A roller coaster of emotions right here 😂😳

Siddarth Raman

Shared July 5, 2016

Haha! No problems in India. Actually rephrase, no problem in bangalore or at home. #Filter4Lyf?

Erik Fisher

Shared March 5, 2017

This is dead on.

Joe McCann

Shared January 9, 2017


david mcqueen

Shared December 18, 2016

5. "maybe it would make sense to just get a cheap cup of coffee somewhere."

Courtney Nguyen

Shared February 27, 2017

I have this entire thought process at least once a week.

Mario Kazumichi SAKATA

Shared December 21, 2016

Maybe just don't drink a coffee ☕️ — "All you really need is the caffeine. A Diet Coke sounds great."

Herval Freire

Shared September 7, 2016

Here's to the number 1 staple of a true urban hipster - the almighty low-batch organic fair trade single origin cup of coffee ☕☕☕

Rohit Chatterjee

Shared June 12, 2016


konstantinos Koukopoulos

Shared January 4, 2017

oh come on... it's not 100℅ that way

Nishan Pantha

Shared February 26, 2017

Damn. I am a coffee addict and this article is a coffee porn..

Jason Dunn

Shared June 22, 2016

As someone who doesn't drink #coffee, I found this particularly hilarious!

Ben Popken

Shared June 9, 2016


Ben Popken

Shared June 9, 2016


Scott Muc

Shared September 9, 2016

As much as I enjoy people who REALLY get into coffee, this one cracks me up. Give me some Pike Place roast and judge away :-)

John Marsland

Shared January 22, 2017

My daily dilemma

Jasen Farmer

Shared July 4, 2016

The case for not taking yourself & #coffee too seriously #hipster @eater

Nick Fassler

Shared January 15, 2017

it's finally starting to be cool to admit that milk and sugar taste really good in coffee


Shared June 18, 2016

Hahaa, yes, not every cup of coffee needs to be a life-changing experience, and yes, every barista (in the world) judges you on your coffee order and whether you add sugar to your cappucino :)

Cole Kennedy

Shared June 9, 2016

Matt Buchanan is the freakin' best.

Steven Zachary

Shared December 10, 2017

#coffee enthusiasts must read.

Fred Rocha

Shared January 26, 2017

riveting caffeine-free read.

Victoria Martinez

Shared June 14, 2016

Facing down that disdain is worth it though, knowing that your coffee is going to be absolutely perfect, because that barista has never made a bad cup of coffee in his entire life.

Fred Muya

Shared December 28, 2016

Ha! For all the coffee junkies

Ronald Barba

Shared January 18, 2017

One of Matt's greatest pieces IMHO.

Yohan John

Shared June 13, 2016

Ah, the coffee snob.

Sure, just the other day, you bought some incredible single-origin nanolot coffee beans day, and that half-pound bag cost as much as two, maybe three avocado toasts. In fact, you bought enough to keep some at home and at work. It's a legit varietal, like Gesha or Bourbon, from a remarkable local roaster who operates quasi-legally out of a sick loft and specializes in light—but not too light!—roasts, a respectful homage to modern Scandinavian coffee that lets you really get a sense of the bean's terroir, down to the GPS coordinates where it was discovered during an expedition into coffee country led by a white man of great taste, and the barista said that the acidity from this coffee is "really wonderful and fruit-forward, like Hawaiian Punch micro-dosed with LSD."

Mirela Mustata

Shared January 2, 2017

Or get a caffeine pill.

Zak Accuardi

Shared January 17, 2017

Sometimes laughing and crying go together

Lily George

Shared April 2, 2017

"Obviously, you're just going to have to make a pourover, which is fine and totally worth it anyway, you guess, because there's nothing quite like the feeling of crafting, with your personal human hands, a perfect cup of coffee. One. Cup. At. A. Time."

Nemanja Grujicic

Shared June 14, 2016

Better to get caffeine directly :-)

A Reader

Shared August 19, 2016

Aah... Coffee! ☕

Isaac Wyatt

Shared February 2, 2017


Kat Yeh

Shared June 15, 2016

This is hilarious!

Chris Riley

Shared February 28, 2017

This is painfully funny (coming from a guy with far too much home coffee making equipment who mail orders beans).

Ritika Upadhyay

Shared January 2, 2017

Oh my. First article in weeks that made me want to skip every line my eyes fell on.

So, so heavy on this fetishized stereotype/idea of a coffee afficionado. Maybe that was the whole point, but as someone who is very happy with her French Press, thank you very much, and prefers ground coffee beans because grinding them is way too much work and/or money... Hoo boy.

(Just like telling people I studied in Odisha elicits a 'Oh did you like study with tribals in a jungle?' and is answered with ' Yes. We even get three food packets a day dropped in the campus.')

Roasts and type is as far as I'm willing to go. Death Wish and Starbucks work just fine for me. If there's a message in there, it is that the same poison can be taken in oh-so-many different ways by all sorts of folks.... It got me.

Patrick T Hoffman

Shared December 23, 2016

Solid satire... looking at you NYC and SF ;)

You know what? All you really need is the caffeine. A Diet Coke sounds great.

János Fehér

Shared January 19, 2017

#sarcasm at its best

Mica Yambao

Shared January 24, 2017


You know what? All you really need is the caffeine. A Diet Coke sounds great.

Ayush Chaturvedi

Shared January 17, 2017

Super funny...

You know what? All you really need is the caffeine. A Diet Coke sounds great.

Martin Bodlák

Shared May 14, 2017

An overcomplicated art of the coffee drinking :)

Little Miss Scifi

Shared December 20, 2016

An amusing look at the dilemma's associated with finding the perfect cup of coffee.

David Hall

Shared January 21, 2017

Fussy coffee, dialed in to its final form.

Chenbo Liu

Shared January 23, 2017


Jochen Breuer

Shared February 11, 2017


Mohit Rauniyar

Shared February 26, 2017

Totally agree to your views about this article.

David Braun

Shared June 9, 2016

So dry.

Brandon Hatton

Shared January 17, 2017

I can relate.

Tahai Michelle Baik

Shared February 21, 2017

Why I drink Coke Zero.

Elliott Lewis-George

Shared July 5, 2017

But I can't stop, wont stop.

Tiago Henriques

Shared January 4, 2018

It's not like the particulars matter all that much, anyway, since you can't recall all of them through the haze of drowsiness.

Clement Huber

Shared January 12, 2017



Shared June 8, 2016


Yasir Alani

Shared July 13, 2016

This is pretty much me. I'm a coffee snob dochebag 😂. Great satirical post on coffee lovers grounded in truth.

Francisco Enriquez

Shared December 20, 2016

"Maybe, just don't drink coffee"

uhm.. wait what!?

#Coffee #Pocket

Jan Waeben

Shared June 13, 2016

A coffee rant (most likely written by sulking writer who didn't get good coffee)

Andrew Olson

Shared July 8, 2016

fantastic read

Patrick Shortall

Shared December 21, 2016

Thoughts That I Have
Why I Don't Like Coffee

Jimmy Nghiem

Shared January 22, 2017

An amusing read for you coffee feigns out there.

Dimitar Milanov

Shared January 28, 2017


Christian Deysson

Shared April 3, 2017

Nur Kaffee ist noch komplizierter als das Leben.

Ahmed Khalil

Shared August 12, 2017


Joshua Schultz

Shared October 23, 2017

Great writing! Well done capturing the light thoughts and tones of a coffee drinker.

Eliot Quon

Shared December 30, 2017

One of the best pieces I’ve read all year.

Archy Nudalo

Shared June 23, 2016

Yeah, right...

Ryan Streur

Shared December 16, 2016

What produces more anxiety - the coffee itself or the expectation to drink it properly?

Nieo Jimenez

Shared December 17, 2016

My thoughts exactly when drinking coffee

Aldrich Co

Shared January 3, 2017

What goes on in the mind of a coffee snob

Raghav Sharma

Shared January 8, 2017

this is hilarious! how I feel and judge myself early every morning.

Kar Man

Shared February 8, 2017


Drew Clayton

Shared March 11, 2017

I keep coming back to this. Too funny! Top notch wit and sarcasm here!

Phil Hoggart

Shared April 4, 2017

I enjoyed this probably more than I should have

Andrea Rossi

Shared April 12, 2017

This hits waaaay to close home

Tej Tandon

Shared May 16, 2017

Every cup you have doesn't have to be life changing

Wen Huang

Shared August 20, 2017


Dhruv Mittal

Shared August 23, 2017

ohhhhhh and now I'll have coffee anxiety

Lukas Urwyler

Shared September 12, 2017

I like coffee, but some people make more of a hassle out of it than others. Great cynicism in that article.

Kailyn Gee

Shared September 14, 2017

Obviously, you're just going to have to make a pourover, which is fine and totally worth it anyway, you guess, because there's nothing quite like the feeling of crafting, with your personal human hands, a perfect cup of coffee. One. Cup. At. A. Time.

Cornel Dutta

Shared June 14, 2016

You know what. Lemme get a diet coke for the caffeine instead.

Rosscoe Deasy

Shared June 14, 2016

Modern life is caffeine.

Blair Slavin

Shared July 4, 2016

Goodness... The World Of a "Coffee Coniseur" certainly is a funny one... an article that might make you look at how carzy you / others have become...

Adam Backhouse

Shared November 1, 2016

Quite a funny take on coffee culture.

Mike Powell

Shared March 11, 2017

Sadly apt description of my last few years of coffee drinking.

Nathan Hale

Shared May 24, 2017

Hilarious and true

Dominik Goj

Shared June 12, 2016



Shared December 18, 2016


Stuart Rose

Shared December 21, 2016



Shared December 21, 2016

read later

Soumik Banerjee

Shared December 23, 2016

You know what? All you really need is the caffeine. A Diet Coke sounds great.

Nick Severson

Shared December 29, 2016


Jan Kubicek

Shared January 2, 2017


Roman Korobeinikov

Shared January 14, 2017

you don't have thirty minutes to waste looking at Instagram while you wait for that guy to dourly make your coffee. You need to be driving your Uber or cranking out #content or putting together pitch decks or writing code for a social network for shaved cat owners that will change the world.

Kurt Parker

Shared February 2, 2017

Well played! #Coffee drinkers everywhere should read this.


Shared February 6, 2017

Buvez plutôt du thé 😎

Trisha Towanda

Shared March 7, 2017

Giggle out loud.


Shared March 31, 2017

Not every cup of coffee needs to be life-changing, after all, and you just need to stay alert enough to seem engaged.

Lika Kovalchuk

Shared April 5, 2017

I can't live without coffee

Lika Kovalchuk

Shared April 5, 2017


Archana Ghangrekar

Shared July 4, 2017


夏 荷

Shared August 20, 2017


Addi L

Shared October 21, 2017

Well written article teasing the hipster coffee connoisseurs

Ryan Harmsen

Shared December 23, 2017

Unfortunately I can definitely relate...

Keith Lindsey

Shared June 13, 2016

Not every cup of coffee needs to be life-changing, after all, and you just need to stay alert enough to seem engaged.

But then you start to think about what's in the paper cup, and your mind moves backward in flashback sequence with lots of fast cuts: the carafe of coffee growing rancid as it's kept warm by a hot plate hours for after being brewed, the grounds dumped indiscriminately into the brewer from a vacuum-sealed foil bag weeks or even months after being roasted at faraway production facility, and finally, on the undistinguished green coffee beans being picked by anonymous farmers paid well below subsistence-level wages for their labor and their crops, or at least way less than they would be paid for growing good coffee, because all that cheap coffee is definitely not fair trade, much less direct trade — there's not a single black-and-white photo of a coffee farmer on Dunkin's website, you’ve pointed out before — and in the end, you just can’t allow yourself to engage in such rampantly unethical consumption.

You know what? All you really need is the caffeine. A Diet Coke sounds great.

Alexey Rusakov

Shared June 17, 2016

That hard life of a coffee maniac.

Jennifer Swedlund

Shared July 4, 2016

Being a perfectionist is exhausting.

Saurabh Kochar

Shared August 2, 2017


Larry Singer

Shared June 9, 2016

Great read! I've been through my times of coffee snobbery darkness, and have emerged into the light. I just love coffee. Period. End of discussion.

Drew Fajen

Shared December 30, 2016

This story on the plight of coffee aficionados seems scoff-ably ridiculous, but we've all been there. 😂

Shakira Irshad

Shared January 23, 2017


Sara Dobson

Shared January 23, 2017

For all the coffee snobs out there. The struggle is real!

Pablo Gamez Martin

Shared February 2, 2017


Sheila Mathies

Shared February 11, 2017


haris abdul

Shared February 12, 2017

Nice and Good..i drink coffee 3 time a day, maybe more

Łukasz Ostapczuk

Shared March 6, 2017

Good one! :)

Zhengdao Song

Shared March 13, 2017

cheap automatics aren't good enough for your great coffee beans, and the good automatics aren't cheap enough for your budget.

Matt McGrath

Shared May 22, 2017

This is every thought I've ever had about fancy coffee

Ned Kelley

Shared June 5, 2017

Great fun read!

Pocket User

Shared June 18, 2017

I don't need caffeine at all! I'm trying to convince myself... Had a great time reading this article - Cheers

Sharifah Nur'Izzah

Shared June 19, 2017

Extremely captivating sense of humour. Love this

James Lambert

Shared June 21, 2017

This seriously just made me laugh out loud! #coffee

MY 卞

Shared August 18, 2017


Brandy Ranea

Shared September 9, 2017

Hahahaha Joke of the day!!

Michael Vollbrecht

Shared September 14, 2017

Just one more cup...

Azeeza Najimudeen

Shared October 17, 2017

Something to read about!

prialian tubang

Shared October 8, 2017


Max Prax

Shared November 20, 2017

For all true coffee drinkers, you'll understand. The struggle is real.


Shared November 27, 2017

coffee i'm in love ☕💋

Felipe Martinez Vaca

Shared December 6, 2017

Terrible, wasted my time!

川 王

Shared December 9, 2017

You know what? All you really need is the caffeine. A Diet Coke sounds great.

Violet Nix

Shared January 11, 2018

internally triggering.

JC Hull

Shared June 12, 2016

This is awesome.

Andrey Dolgachev

Shared June 12, 2016

I'm glad we have a Nespresso for those existential days...

Filip Kierzek

Shared June 13, 2016

Nie ma łatwo :)

Josie Lasagna

Shared June 13, 2016

Black gold

Sure, the barista who you see every time scowls at you, and he always asks if you want milk and sugar in your coffee, and it’s not because he's trying to be chill and accommodating to regular people who just want some coffee the way they've been drinking it their entire lives, but because one time a friend of yours gently asked if she could have some of the shop's flavored syrup in her iced coffee, thereby obligating the barista to explain that a cup of coffee is the singular and miraculous end product of a process that involved the labor of dozens of people stretched across an extraordinarily long supply chain that reaches halfway around the world, and it shouldn't really be covered up with sugar syrup, which is only on the menu for the rubes, anyway.

Jan Kochanowski

Shared June 14, 2016

Im still gonna drink coffee, but it is just so nice to read 😋

Jacqueline Dozier

Shared June 15, 2016

Hah! Reminds me of my brother's GF.

You know what? All you really need is the caffeine. A Diet Coke sounds great.

Craig Warman

Shared June 16, 2016

Not every cup of coffee needs to be life-changing, after all, and you just need to stay alert enough to seem engaged.

Ankit Anand

Shared June 16, 2016


Marie Chevrier

Shared June 16, 2016

Fait que je suis crampée de rire en buvant mon café en fût pressé à froid... haha! :)

Nicholas Erdenberger

Shared June 17, 2016


Vanessa Lim

Shared July 2, 2016


Ada Rodriguez

Shared June 20, 2017

I can't deal with this lunacy

Mort Pakhomov

Shared June 29, 2017

Beautifully written

tosap es

Shared July 12, 2017

Hidup akan lebih mudah dan murah jika definisi secangkir kopi adalah sama dengan satu sachet kopi Kapal Api Mantap. 😊


Shared January 6, 2017

This was a really fun read.

Mateusz Remberk

Shared February 2, 2017

For coffee lovers with scent of irony ☕️

Tsha L

Shared March 3, 2017

Coke it is! [Or Monster]