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Tom Voûte tom at voute .org

Shared January 6, 2017

Pomodoro. Work periods of 25 minutes very concentrated

Ian Katz

Shared December 31, 2016


Ashley Gadd (Burton)

Shared September 2, 2017

A brilliant productivity hack! 👌🏼💯

Lucas Garcia

Shared May 16, 2016

Nunca se trató de trabajar más sino mejor

Paul Minors

Shared December 11, 2015

Great article!

Baily Hancock

Shared November 28, 2015

Great overview of the Pomodoro technique

Prateek Keshari

Shared May 24, 2016


Mike Pluta

Shared May 25, 2016

This article is one of the better descriptions how to implement (and why) the Pomodoro technique.

Rishi Raj

Shared January 27, 2017

Pomodoro 101

Tim Metz

Shared March 13, 2017

Great introduction to and breakdown of the #pomodoro technique! #productivity

Norbert Fernandes

Shared December 28, 2016

That’s 25 minutes of steady, focused work on ONE task. No multitasking. No emails. No phone calls. No checking Facebook. Nothing! No distractions allowed.

Shahryar Nobahar

Shared December 20, 2015

ایده خوبی رو برای مدیریت جریان کارها و زمانبندی اونا مطرح کرده که به نظرم ارزش امتحان داره

Liviya Simmons

Shared February 6, 2017

Sounds dumb but might be useful

Elias Manos

Shared February 25, 2017

Let's give it a try

Albaabur Rahman

Shared March 11, 2017

One word: Pomodoro
Has worked well for me...though VERY tough to maintain

Bogdan Hruban

Shared February 19, 2017

Good reminders on how one can maintain a good life-work balance. #lifehack

Mohanad Shaban

Shared May 31, 2016

A real and great article about pomodoro technique !!


Shared February 27, 2017

This technique is not new, especially to high-level Entrepreneurs and those addicted to optimize performance on work hours. But, the case study itself worth the reading because you get to see the logic applied in a real-life scenario. I recommend this quick article for those seeking a new way of doing their own work hours.

Jonathan Yagel

Shared July 30, 2017

Have always heard good things about the Pomodoro system... I think I may try it, this week.

Gabriel Lawrence

Shared April 24, 2017

Good and quick read for a productive week. #workhardplayhard

Noah Epstein

Shared December 27, 2016

For all the procrastinators and people that work too much!

I'm going to give this a shot

Tim Natzschka

Shared December 2, 2017

Pomodoro Technik - die Eieruhr zum Arbeitsglück?


Shared February 23, 2017

I'm was a definite advocate of the Pomodoro technique back in college. Too bad my pay is based on the amount of time at work so this won't cut it. Perhaps in my next job.


Shared February 23, 2017

I was a big supporter of the Pomodoro technique back in college. Now working, my pay depends on the amount of time I'm in the office, so this won't cut it. Perhaps in my next job.

Definitely still a good read though. Time is our most precious resource afterall.

Mon Espiritu

Shared November 6, 2016

I modified this technique a bit but this one is another awesome way to get things done.

Carlos Rivera

Shared December 17, 2017


Anh Le

Shared December 19, 2016

Good strategy.

André König

Shared April 9, 2017


Marina Miteva

Shared February 5, 2017

Pomodoro! I'm trying this tomorrow.

short of my goal. I felt tired…and miserable.

Odelia Lucia

Shared February 26, 2017

Excellent tips by @chriswinfield I'll experiment with during the coming week. #Upgrade yourself. #Pomodoro

Blair Slavin

Shared May 15, 2016

Stop smacking your head against distractions

Ramesh Lakshminarasimhan

Shared May 4, 2017

The best write up I ever read about the productivity technique called Pomodoro!

Kar Man

Shared February 21, 2017

Did you hear of this technique before?


Shared February 25, 2017

doesn't sound effective. Merely asking ppl to complete their task in 30mins and putting their distractions away. Just like asking me to cheer up when I'm sad

Kar Man

Shared February 28, 2017


edem segbedzi

Shared March 27, 2017

really Great article

Md. G. Moktadir Rahman

Shared August 10, 2017


Nhat Nguyen

Shared November 27, 2017

Eventually my sanity returned. I began experimenting with smaller numbers of Pomodoros, starting with five per day and gradually working my way up to eight. My goal was eight Pomodoros each weekday, for a total of 40 per week.

Craig Key

Shared March 8, 2017

Who wants to try this with me? We can check each other's progress every so often? Keep each other accountable?

Ambika rani K

Shared May 5, 2017

Beautiful and must read for everyone.

Tarek Nseir

Shared December 27, 2017

Need to do this.

Dirceu Pereira Tiegs

Shared January 3, 2018

The 7-day workweek is interesting 🤔

Harit Himanshu

Shared December 29, 2016

simple math on how to achieve more by making 7 day work week. I am going to try pomodoro technique

Joseph McLaughlin

Shared November 29, 2015

Great rid on time management

Muse Npp

Shared December 16, 2015

Good to read

Luciano Castilho

Shared December 17, 2015


Diar Selimi

Shared January 1, 2016

promodoro technicue

Anurag Mathur

Shared January 24, 2016

Looks promising

Pablo Lerma

Shared January 25, 2016

Fundamental technique in my daily life


Shared June 9, 2017


Paulista Ponto TK

Shared November 22, 2017


Juliane Blier

Shared January 20, 2017

How increase productivity

Vanna Shoopman

Shared January 27, 2017


Muhammad Isa

Shared February 18, 2017

mastering time management is real deal

david judge

Shared March 12, 2017

I'm going to give this a go!

Lauren Jatana Vathje

Shared April 4, 2017

Interesting work flow idea

Krystian Nowakowski

Shared April 9, 2017

Really. Is that simple ?

Christelle Lelong

Shared December 23, 2017

Hors meetings et call, soyons réalistes

Lily Elmore

Shared December 24, 2016

Definitely doing to be looking into this system!

Jayme Keefer

Shared January 7, 2017

new semester, new way to work

Josh Hollingsworth

Shared February 8, 2017

Use the pomodoro technique. 40 pomodoros/week = 1000 minutes = 16.7 hrs

I ‘work’ 35–40 hours a week, but I spend at least 20–25 of those hours on calls, meetings, networking on- and offline, and other less-focused tasks. These are important, but I don’t count them as ‘work’ time.

kami wong

Shared October 22, 2017


Kinyua Munene

Shared October 30, 2017


Bogdan Zaporozhchenko

Shared November 9, 2017

It’s everything must be read by everyone !

Monika Kutějová

Shared December 29, 2017

For the whole article I thought it was written by a woman. Now thinking about if it is a good or a bad thing. Nevertheless, looking for a more effective way for working? Well, here it is.

Arsh Sharma

Shared March 7, 2017

Work Smart not hard.....

Ignacio Galanga Jr

Shared November 2, 2017

Nice read!!!

Adam Potrzebowski

Shared November 24, 2015


Alonso Alama

Shared August 21, 2016

Work better

Martins Jr. Divine Okoi

Shared May 4, 2016

Productivity, here I come 😎📈

Audrey R

Shared May 8, 2016

you can work smarter without having to work harder.

Shared May 27, 2016

Very useful

suardiman aco

Shared June 14, 2016

The psychology of motivation: Mastering your energy
In a perfect world, I’d have eight high-value tasks identified at the start of each workday. I’d prioritize these, and knock them off one by one, from most important to least. I’d be equally enthusiastic and motivated about each one, wouldn’t be interrupted, and would finish my day’s work in less than three hours.

Eric Chataigné

Shared February 2, 2017

try the pomodoro method if you are looking for better efficiency. an interesting return of experience

Ladislav Oroš

Shared December 21, 2016


Satdhruti Paul

Shared December 23, 2016

So that's why timer apps on Play Store are set to 25 minutes by default...

John Kristensen

Shared January 2, 2017

Work/life balance

Tuan Nguyen

Shared January 5, 2017

Very useful!

Britt Ramos

Shared January 15, 2017

Interesting article!

Drew Fajen

Shared January 3, 2017

Pomorodo seems like a productivity strategy worth looking to.

brian small

Shared January 28, 2017

I'm going to give this a try. ill keep you updated on my progress.

Richard Stevens

Shared February 2, 2017

Great article on Pomodoro.

Lee Williams

Shared February 8, 2017



Shared February 14, 2017

interested to try

Liudger The King

Shared February 19, 2017



Shared March 3, 2017


vrinda baliga

Shared March 5, 2017

Must read

Mansi Singh

Shared March 9, 2017

Nicely done!!

soft grandzh

Shared March 12, 2017


Driss El Hasfi

Shared April 1, 2017

"I let my work be a big part of how I defined myself. I wore those insane hours like a badge of honor…I loved telling people how “busy” I was…and how much I “had to do”."

Francesco Rizzato

Shared April 1, 2017

Articolo del 2015, un po' datato forse, ma sempre attuale la Pomodoro Technique per migliorare work/ life balance. Ci provo!

Tyler Harrington

Shared April 2, 2017

Everyone should give pomodoro a shot!

Adalberto Robles

Shared April 18, 2017


badran mohamed

Shared April 21, 2017

very interesting article with a very useful technique. I haven't tried it out but it looks quite promising.

Rohit Pawar

Shared May 4, 2017

I will see if it helps

Kevin Crotwell

Shared June 9, 2017

I'm definitely going to try this!

Sujeet Sharma

Shared July 5, 2017

Time Management

Bali Rajesh

Shared July 13, 2017

Work long hours Ali

Shared August 10, 2017

to tell the truth, it is hard but it is cost that flourishing finish

moisha ENvil

Shared September 22, 2017


Jose Mathew

Shared October 7, 2017

Like most things in my life, I learned through experimentation, experiencing a lot of pain and frustration but ultimately growth.

Alesha Doran

Shared November 4, 2017

This looks helpful!

Richard cooper

Shared November 21, 2017


Anna Ramos

Shared January 12, 2018


Sathya Ramesh

Shared January 17, 2018

this is awesome...

JonWalter Rhines

Shared January 28, 2018

Productivity at its finest

Jinal Gangar

Shared February 6, 2018

Surely worth a try!

Ridhi Kaur Mehta

Shared February 12, 2018

the most amazing time management technique ever!

Ian Br

Shared January 5, 2017


Ernesto Naranjo

Shared January 6, 2017


Spike セクシー

Shared February 12, 2017

"truly enjoy your time off."

Deborah Blanco

Shared February 14, 2017

How to schedule time more effectively to accomplish things in a focused environment and help others also.

Edgar Beltre

Shared February 24, 2017



Shared February 28, 2017

I LOVE this. My productivity is garbage. And while I think I'm getting a lot done, I'm getting so distracted at the same time I never truest finish the first task before starting a new one.

I'll be trying this today. Music, candles, lights, food, water, clear space, and open up ONE tab. Not a million. Finish one task, 25 mins. And break, move to the next.

Seems simple. I'm sure it's harder then I think.... time to try! Let's get the DreamChasers website launched this week!!

Andrea Maldo

Shared March 8, 2017


Marcell Balázs

Shared March 16, 2017

Great ideas! Absolutely loved this one!


Shared April 11, 2017

Awesome hack!

Bambang Prasetio

Shared April 19, 2017

"working on things that fulfilled me"

thanga kumar

Shared May 5, 2017

To make most of your time..

Alejandra Bojorquez

Shared May 24, 2017

Great system to make your work day less drainful!

磊 吴

Shared May 31, 2017

heard about the pomodoro technique long ago, good post and definitely worth serious trial.

Putranto Adhi Nugroho

Shared June 11, 2017


Youssef Zehiri

Shared June 14, 2017


Phillip Proctor

Shared July 22, 2017

I'm going to give it a try!

Toumazis Toumazis

Shared August 5, 2017

The Pomodoro Technique!!

Jinay Shah

Shared August 6, 2017

I transitioned from just working…to working on things that fulfilled me.What’s more, I gave myself the freedom to do non-work stuff, such as attending my daughter’s recital during what most people consider work hours.


Shared August 30, 2017

I transitioned from just working…to working on things that fulfilled me.What’s more, I gave myself the freedom to do non-work stuff, such as attending my daughter’s recital during what most people consider work hours. This made it easy to shift my mindset about when I could or couldn’t work.

Curtis Bise

Shared September 4, 2017

Going to give it a shot!

aung ye Kyaw

Shared September 14, 2017


Claire Sandham

Shared October 8, 2017



Shared November 1, 2017

Buffer is a multi-product platform for social media management. We make it easier to achieve success on social media.
Oct 21, 2015

Artur Anopolsky

Shared November 13, 2017

Управление временем по Помодоро.
1. Выбрать задачу
2. Включить авиарежим
3. Поставить таймер на 25 минут
4. Отдохнуть
5 Повторить
6 подвести итоги дня / недели

Pavan Kumar Ram

Shared December 30, 2017


dian amaruddin

Shared January 2, 2018


Bruno Souza

Shared January 4, 2018

wore those

Horatiu Cioloboc

Shared January 10, 2018


Francisco Cevallos

Shared January 21, 2018

Manage skills

Lauren Kirkley

Shared February 8, 2018

These questions helped me take into account my mood and energy when prioritizing tasks. As a result, I no longer do anything just because I feel I have to.

When my physical energy is low, I work on my health and wellness.When my emotional energy is low, I find something that makes me happy, like spending time with my wife and daughter.

Leanne Rodd

Shared 1 day ago


Onur Öztat

Shared December 28, 2016

Pomodoro Tekniği

Edward Lance

Shared January 4, 2017

In a perfect world, I’d have eight high-value tasks identified at the start of each workday. I’d prioritize these, and knock them off one by one, from most important to least. I’d be equally enthusiastic and motivated about each one, wouldn’t be interrupted, and would finish my day’s work in less than three hours.

Camille Charifa

Shared February 22, 2017

+ for pomodoro technique

Benoit BUAUD

Shared September 2, 2017


Benoit BUAUD

Shared September 2, 2017


Benoit BUAUD

Shared September 2, 2017


Aaron Werth

Shared December 15, 2017

This is great. Use this app with it.


Shared February 4, 2018

Good article