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How to De-Stress From the News

Proven ways to break your doomscrolling habit —from laughter to re-runs to slime.


It’s hardly the time to put your head in the sand about what’s going on in the world. But you can still be informed without being pummeled by a punishing news cycle. In fact, it’s actually healthier to keep a news obsession at bay. From a how-to guide to meditation to the benefits of stress-baking, explore these scientifically proven, stress-busting strategies. Take a deep breath (see, you’re starting already!) and get your calm on.

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The Science of Helping Out

Tara Parker-Pope The New York Times

During a crisis, the people who cope best are those who help others.

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Watching Our Favorite Old TV Shows Has Psychological Benefits, Experts Say

Gina Vivinetto Today

All those “Friends” or “Golden Girls” reruns help us feel calm in an increasingly anxious world.


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How Pottering About in the Garden Creates a Time Warp

Harriet Gross Aeon

Psychology research suggests that tending to a garden can have an almost magical effect, even changing the passage of time.

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Why Breathing Is So Effective at Reducing Stress

Emma Seppälä, Christina Bradley, and Michael R. Goldstein Harvard Business Review

With the right breathing exercises, you can learn to handle your stress and manage negative emotions.

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Adult Coloring Books Help Me Cope When My Anxiety Is at Its Worst

Michelle Darrisaw Oprah Magazine

When yoga doesn’t cut it, a box of crayons does.

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Giggling Is the Best Medicine

Cody Delistraty Elemental

Meet the new crop of so-called “laughter therapists.”

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How Nature Can Make You Kinder, Happier, and More Creative

Jill Suttie Greater Good

We are spending more time indoors and online. But recent studies suggest that nature can help our brains and bodies to stay healthy.

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Why Stress-Baking and Cleaning Make You Less Anxious

Sara Harrison Wired

You’re not the only one who finds #quarantinebaking so soothing. Turns out, it has a lot to do with the neuroscience of mindful meditation.


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8 Foods Nutritionists Use To Relieve Stress (and Recipes)

Christie Calucchia My Domaine

“The quality of the choices you make in regards to the foods you eat will absolutely determine the quality of your energy, your health, and your body’s ability to ward off stress.”

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How To Work Out for Your Mental Health

Sara Kiley Watson Popular Science

Get physically fit while also paying mind to anxiety and depression.

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Can a Hot Bath Deliver the Same Results as Exercise?

Cindy Lamothe Healthline

Visiting a sento is a popular, age-old Japanese practice and tradition. And like forest bathing, it has many health benefits.

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This Is What Your Brain and Body Do When You Hang Out With Animals

Nick Keppler Vice

Here’s everything we know about how pets affect your mood.

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The Surprising Ways Tech Can Improve Our Mental Health

Tameka Kee Shondaland

Some of the same technologies that stress us out can actually help us calm down.

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Need Stress Relief at a Challenging Time? Try Slime.

Alix Strauss Experience Mag

The joys of a toy as tactile as slime are particularly useful today, when so much play is mediated through screens.

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5 Potential Mental Health Benefits of Deleting Social Media

Lindsey Lanquist Self

Thinking of going on a social media cleanse? Here’s what you need to know.


How To Meditate

David Gelles The New York Times

We offer basic tips to get you started on a path toward greater equanimity, acceptance and joy.

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How To Be Good at Stress

Kelly McGonigal, PhD TED Ideas

We need to start thinking about how to have the courage to grow from stress.