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Tushar Kirtane

Shared January 27, 2017

This is The Onion article about the Gillette exec shouting we're skipping 4 blades and going to 5 manifesting itself in real life.

"That was the really tricky part," Gomez says. "Just like anything in manufacturing, it's all about speed and efficiency. So our seasoner had to season shells fast and it had to season them right every single time. We had teams of engineers working day and night to get the seasoner working."

Peter Kirn

Shared January 7, 2017

This is... Utterly amazing. The whole thing reads like parody. It isn't.

I mean, it was actually important that we left the orange dusting on your fingers because otherwise, we're not delivering the genuine Doritos [experience].

Kristinn Árni Lár Hróbjartsson

Shared January 2, 2017

Somewhat cheerleader-y, but fascinating look into product development and innovation in the food industry. Interesting to see the same words used about Tacos as I use when developing software.

Andrew Doyle

Shared December 23, 2016

Great article. Would be equally great if it was published by The Onion...


Shared January 14, 2017

let's] reinvent the crunchy taco,

Kylie Shaw

Shared January 24, 2017

I love billy currington

Chris Moon

Shared April 27, 2017

" To show executives how the companies could fuse the flavor of Doritos with taco shells, the dev teams “basically went out to Home Depot to buy a paint-spray gun, and then sprayed [Doritos] flavoring onto our existing yellow corn tacos,” recalls Creed, with a chuckle."

Chris Moon

Shared April 27, 2017

"In order to create the DLT, the teams had to consider everything from seasoning mechanics to the taco’s structural integrity throughout 2010 and 2011"

Chris Moon

Shared April 27, 2017

"In fact, the companies ended up creating a proprietary seasoner in the process, not least because for workers on the manufacturing line, the plumes of Doritos seasoning would create an almost Nacho Cheese gas chamber"

Clare Hutchinson

Shared April 20, 2017

All in, the teams experimented with more than 40 recipes over two years. During that time, the teams faced several roadblocks. “Remember, a taco shell has to bend, so we had to make this crispy [like a chip], but we also had to make it be able to bend so it didn’t crack,” Creed says. “This was a really big engineering challenge, [especially considering] we would have to make hundreds of millions of these shells.”

Elena Guzhñay

Shared February 10, 2017

Doritoooos... Sandra armemos unos es Finde

Elena Guzhñay

Shared February 10, 2017

Tacos Sandra...... porfissss


Shared February 20, 2017

If you like bread, why wouldn't you want it sliced?

Ger Ro

Shared April 20, 2017


Ger Ro

Shared April 20, 2017

nice cheese


Shared May 20, 2017