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Derrick Rossignol

Shared December 29, 2015

Excellent piece; I didn't realize how influential and important the XFL was before seeing this. Super entertaining read.

Carver Low

Shared March 20, 2017

All I remember about the XFL is that it was ridiculous. Turns out it was also a really interesting experiment.

Thu HN

Shared July 22, 2017

A Beautiful Corpse

Clare Hutchinson

Shared February 6, 2018

I don't think to this day I've ever got a phone call from anybody in the league office or a letter saying you're terminated or anything like that.

I'll never forget this. I'm sitting in Medina, Ohio, south of Cleveland. I'm watching the 11 o'clock news. The ticker scrolls across the bottom that the XFL has folded. So I yelled up to my wife, "Honey, I'm unemployed."

Edward Iván López Símuta

Shared February 11, 2017



Shared February 12, 2017

day break

Christa Young

Shared March 7, 2017


Shared March 10, 2017

Corpses are always charming,especially a beautiful corpse.

Oliver Schlumpf

Shared April 3, 2017


Tiendung Le

Shared September 13, 2017