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Derrick Rossignol

Shared December 29, 2015

Excellent piece; I didn't realize how influential and important the XFL was before seeing this. Super entertaining read.

Carver Low

Shared March 20, 2017

All I remember about the XFL is that it was ridiculous. Turns out it was also a really interesting experiment.

Thu HN

Shared July 22, 2017

A Beautiful Corpse

Edward Iván López Símuta

Shared February 11, 2017



Shared February 12, 2017

day break

Christa Young

Shared March 7, 2017


Shared March 10, 2017

Corpses are always charming,especially a beautiful corpse.

Oliver Schlumpf

Shared April 3, 2017


Tiendung Le

Shared September 13, 2017