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Meet the Daring Young Africans Inspiring People of All Ages

From setting Guinness World Records to turning plastic into high fashion—or creating personal AI chatbots—young Africans are showing their agency and urgency.

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For a long time, young people have been told that they are the future. But in Africa, they have decided to be the present. Today’s young people are taking up space, making changes, and doing incredibly interesting and daring things.

From setting Guinness World Records to turning plastic into high fashion—or creating personal AI chatbots—young Africans are showing agency and urgency. Read on to discover more about these inspiring people, and how they’re making headlines for their bold moves.

Image by nadia_bormotova/Getty Images

African Alternative to Chat GPT

The Independent

Justin Irabor realised he needed to merge work and school as a distance learning student. So he turned Kainene vos Savant—named after one of America’s smartest people—to be his personal study partner. But she is no regular study partner. She’s the super-intelligent chatbot Justin created to solve his problem. And she’s taking the Nigerian internet by storm.

Online Therapy Bridges Mental Health Care Gap

Victor Eyike
The Star

Moses Aiyenuro fell into a depression in 2019 after failing his engineering exams, he was unable to access mental healthcare. This is why he has created a mental-wellbeing app called Blue Room Care. To help Nigerians who cannot afford mental healthcare, Aiyenuro created a WhatsApp group in 2021 to provide mental health tips and later turned it into an app.

A Taste of the Sweet Life in Nigeria

Inside Africa

From baked goods to frozen treats, Nigerian ’confection-eurs’ are whipping up a recipe for success with products that cater to homegrown cravings, while also appealing to international tastes.

Ghetto Kids to Be Honored in Ghana [WATCH]

Next Media Uganda

A group of talented young dancers from Uganda got the coveted “golden buzzer” on Britian’s Got Talent. The Ghetto Kids are a dance troupe of children between the ages of five and 13.

Moky Makura

Moky Makura was born in Nigeria, educated in England and has lived in London, Johannesburg and Lagos. She has been a TV presenter, producer, author, publisher, and a successful entrepreneur in her own right. She is currently the Executive Director of Africa No Filter, a donor collaborative focused on shifting the African narrative.

Moky started her media career as the African Anchor and field reporter for South Africa’s award-winning news and actuality show – Carte Blanche. Her book, Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs, with a foreword written by Richard Branson, featured on the top 10 best-selling business books in South Africa when it launched. Moky has since compiled and published a number of non-fiction titles under her imprint MME Media. You can see Moky’s TED Talk on telling the African story here.

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