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War in Ukraine: Essential Reading

Pocket Editors

What you should read this week to make sense of what’s happening in Ukraine, and what Russia’s invasion means for the world.

The Grown-Up’s Guide to Emotional Regulation

Amy Maoz

Returning to the office means introducing new triggers to old feelings. But before you let those emotions take the wheel—or attempt to bottle them up—try science-backed techniques for keeping your cool (and sanity).

Making Sense of Elon Musk

Pocket Editors

Great reads from over the years about the controversial billionaire and soon-to-be Twitter owner.

Cameras Couldn’t Possibly Be Racist, Right?

Xavier Harding

All tech can inadvertently contain the biases of their creators. And when it comes to cameras, dark-skinned photo subjects bear the brunt of this—often in surprising and disturbing ways. Mozilla Foundation’s Xavier Harding provides a primer on understanding and fighting filmic bias.

How Diet Culture Shapes Cheerleader Culture

Sarah Hepola

Tracking how underpaid and over-scrutinized cheerleaders have been subjected to public shaming and extreme diets—all in the name of “the perfect look.”