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The Ultimate Dinosaur Reading List

Triceratops! Stegosaurus! T. rex! Channel your inner five year old with this Brachiosaurus-sized collection of the best articles about dinosaurs, dinosaur fossils, and dinosaur hunters.

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If you ever want to put things in perspective, consider this: Less time separates human beings in history from Tyrannosaurus rex than T. rex from Stegosaurus. That’s right. While T. rex went extinct about 66 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous Period, the Jurassic Period’s stegosaurus roamed the Earth 83 million years before T. rex had even evolved. All told, dinosaurs ruled the planet for some 180 million years, while homo sapiens emerged a paltry 200,000 years ago.

That’s just one of many reasons our fascination with the terrible lizards is wholly justified. We’ve curated this Brachiosaurus-sized collection of 20 great articles all about dinosaurs and the people who obsess over them, including what dinosaurs looked like, what it’s like to be a paleontologist hunting for dinosaur fossils, and whether Jurassic Park could actually happen.

Image by Server Muzhdabaiev/Getty Images

How to Weigh a Dinosaur

Elizabeth Yuko

Though you may have never specifically thought about how much dinosaurs weighed, this is something that paleobiologists have been trying to figure out for more than a century.

How to Outrun a Dinosaur

Cody Cassidy

If, through some scientific malfunction, you found yourself transported 70 million years into the past, you might be safer from certain hungry reptiles than you think.

This Is What Dinosaur Meat Tasted Like

Hilary Pollack

We asked experts for insight into what tearing into a rack of Tyrannosaur ribs would be like, from a flavor and texture perspective, and it doesn’t sound half bad.

To Date a Dinosaur

Laura Poppick
Knowable Magazine

Stegosaur expert Susie Maidment is laying crucial groundwork for assigning ages to fossils from North America’s most dinosaur-rich rocks. More precise timings promise to reveal plenty about how the beasts lived and evolved through time.

The Best Books on Dinosaurs

Recommended by Paul Barrett
Five Books

Palaeontology and dinosaur specialist Paul Barrett says many of the 1,200 known species of dinosaur were far more complex than we once thought. Some were brightly feathered, many were at least partly warm-blooded