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Hero on a Half Shell: A Dozen Great Reads for Oyster Lovers

You’ll never think about happy hour the same way again after slurping down this collection of articles about the surprisingly delicious history and science of the amazing oyster.

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To Live, the Oyster Must Die

Oliver Bullough
Roads & Kingdoms

Oysters are technically wild, but have been so messed around by humans over the last few centuries, their reefs smashed up and the individuals scattered, that they are now largely dependent on us.

The Oysters That Knew What Time It Was

Jo Marchant

Scientists were convinced that biological clocks are predominantly driven by internal rhythms. There was just one problem—involving some mollusks and the moon.

Myth Busting: What Time of Year Is It Safe to Eat Oysters?

Christine Gallary
The Kitchn

There’s always been this oft-recited piece of advice about oysters: Only eat oysters in months that contain the letter “R” in the name. You know, September, October, December, January. Not June, July, August. But if this is true, how do millions of restaurants sell them year-round to people who seem just fine after eating them?

The Oyster Poachers of Connemara

Jessica Colley Clarke

In Ireland, few things are black and white, especially the law—and the tales of men who break it to dive for treasure under cover of darkness.