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Our Joy List: Pocket Team

From mapping Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books to perfecting hard boiled eggs, our team shares the pieces we love coming back to, time after time.

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Think back to the last time the internet brought you joy. We want to put more of those moments at your fingertips—whether it’s a favorite podcast episode, heartwarming personal essay, or reliably fantastic recipe.

That’s why this month we’ve asked writers, artists, and activists to share their Joy Lists—a collection of the links that take them straight from their Pocket to their favorite corners of the internet. While working with them, we had to get in on the fun, and put together our own Joy List, courtesy of some members of Team Pocket. Here’s hoping something here sparks a similar joy in you.

OpenPuppies [WATCH]


“This link brings me a tremendous amount of joy. A new puppy gif appears every time you hit the spacebar. I don’t think further description is needed.” -Jonathan, Backend Developer

Dude, Where’s My Couch?

Hannah Goldfield
The New Yorker

“Two hundred people were accidentally cc’ed instead of bcc’ed on an email and the result is one of the funniest, most heart-warming quick-reads I’ve come across in a long time. I devoured it and immediately sent it to multiple people. Candy.” -Mary, Brand Voice Lead

The Chef Who Saved My Life

Brett Martin

“I’ve probably reread this essay a dozen times over the years, and it always makes me want to call a friend. In particular, I love the message here about gratitude—how there are unexpected moments in life that provide a little light when you are feeling low, and how saying thanks for those moments, even years later, are their own powerful reward.” -Carolyn, Director of Editorial

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Neli Howard
Delicious Meets Healthy

“A good hard boiled egg always makes me happy. But I, without fail, always forget how to properly hard boil that egg to my heart’s desire. But fear no more! This piece reminds me of just how long to boil an egg to my preferred consistency.” -David, Senior iOS Engineer

It’s Called Spaghett and It’s Now My Favorite Summer Cocktail

Alex Delany
Bon Appétit

“I usually feel embarrassed admitting this, but I like bad beer. So when I came across a cocktail recipe that elevated my beloved and humble Miller High Life, I was immediately in love. I keep this in my Pocket because people usually think the cocktail sounds goofy until they see its a Bon Appétit recommendation. Then they try it and fall in love.” -Jack, Audience Development Manager

Fire Drill [WATCH]

The Office

“Is there a more iconic scene of comedic chaos? As much as I wish my serotonin boosts could come from watching The Office daily, I’ve only managed to rewatch the series 47 times since it ended. Playing this scene holds me over between binges and feeds my soul the Schrute shenanigans I require to exist.” -Corrie, Syndication Coordinator

The Pitch Meeting for Wishbone

Abbey Fenbert
The Toast

“A big part of my job is to read what everybody else is reading, which has often been pretty dark over the past year (unsurprisingly, the Internet has been in a grim mood!) So when I read stuff online for pleasure, I find myself going back to stuff that really makes me laugh. This piece from The Toast really does it for me, and not just because I remember reading the Lord of the Rings as a kid and wondering how I would cram it into a 30-minute Wishbone episode. Also, pretty obvious, but Wishbone is Frodo.” -Alex, Recommendations Editor

The Angel Philosopher with Naval Ravikant and Shane Parrish [WATCH]

Farnam Street

“This podcast episode was my original introduction to Naval and his work. He has an ability to say things about the human experience that everyone kind of ‘knows’ but doesn’t know how to talk about. Plus, their conversation is chock full of Easter eggs. The book titles and other references throughout have led me down a number of rewarding rabbit holes.” -Audie, QA Engineer

These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books

Sarah Laskow
Atlas Obscura

“As an 80’s kid, the Choose Your Own Adventure books were canonical reading. It’s hard to disentangle the impact that these and early text adventure (interactive fiction) games had on modern video game narrative design, but if you’re looking for grandma and grandpa (at the very least, uncle and auntie), there they are. It’s fascinating then to look back at the design of these books through a new lens and truly appreciate the structural complexity that was required to give meaning to the simplest prompts: ‘If you choose to do A, turn to page X; if you choose to do B, turn to page Y.’” -Nik, iOS Lead

“Shia LaBeouf” Live [WATCH]

Rob Cantor

“I don’t know exactly why, but I return to this video whenever I’m feeling down. The juxtaposition of absurd lyrics, a soaring chorus, and classical dancers is so pleasantly nonsensical; it never fails to make me smile. The production value alone is worth the watch.” -Kat, Backend Software Engineer

Dear Sugar Advice Column #52: Reach

Cheryl Strayed
The Rumpus

“I come back to this advice column from 2010 at least a couple times a month. Sometimes for myself, sometimes when a friend is going through something impossible and I can’t find the words to help. Of course Cheryl Strayed has the right words. Just try not to cry when you get to the ‘Meow.’” -Amy, Recommendations Editor


Gary Bernhardt
Destroy All Software

“This is probably too nerdy, but for me, this lightning talk about Ruby and JavaScript is five minutes of pure joy. It’s just the perfect intersection of a tech talk and a stand-up routine—and memes. And I don’t even know Ruby and JavaScript!” -Marcin, Android Developer