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What We Know and Don’t Know About Long Covid

Three years on, we are still only beginning to understand one of the most mysterious and enduring challenges of the pandemic.

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It’s officially been three years since COVID-19 first made its way into our lexicon, interrupting our home, social and work lives, and in some cases, reshaping them forever. By this point, many Americans consider coronavirus to be an issue of the past —an annoyance but no longer the deadly threat it once was. But for the millions of people with long Covid — those who were left with lingering and often confounding symptoms after contracting the virus — that’s much easier said than done.

Read on to explore the emerging science on long Covid, its impact on patients, and where we go from here.

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When the Doctor Doesn’t Listen

David Tuller
Coda Story

The medical establishment has a long history of ignoring patients with ‘unexplained’ symptoms. Long Covid might finally bring about a global attitude shift.