Ritika Upadhyay

684 days ago

Oh my. First article in weeks that made me want to skip every line my eyes fell on.

So, so heavy on this fetishized stereotype/idea of a coffee afficionado. Maybe that was the whole point, but as someone who is very happy with her French Press, thank you very much, and prefers ground coffee beans because grinding them is way too much work and/or money... Hoo boy.

(Just like telling people I studied in Odisha elicits a 'Oh did you like study with tribals in a jungle?' and is answered with ' Yes. We even get three food packets a day dropped in the campus.')

Roasts and type is as far as I'm willing to go. Death Wish and Starbucks work just fine for me. If there's a message in there, it is that the same poison can be taken in oh-so-many different ways by all sorts of folks.... It got me.

Maybe Just Don't Drink Coffee


It's eight in the morning and you can barely keep your eyes open, much less engage in the activities that constitute productive participation in the glorious neoliberal machinery of our economy.