Carolyn Robertson


Carolyn Robertson

39 days ago

Before using nauseous chemical bug sprays on your trees and plants, consider the harm that those chemicals do to beneficial insects, your pets, and your family. Homemade insecticidal soap sprays have been around for generations. They are easy to make and apply, and they are an effective alternative to commercially produced pesticides. Discover this easy 3-step recipe for your tree and garden pest control.

Insecticidal Soap Recipe to Control Tree Pests

Carolyn Robertson

68 days ago

One of the most important parts of being a responsible and prepared property owner is learning to identify the warning signs of a tree emergency and know which actions to take. By ignoring your trees you are inviting disastrous consequences. Avoid expensive damages and injuries by learning to identify various tree emergencies and how to quickly resolve them.

How to Identify a Tree Emergency

Carolyn Robertson

88 days ago

Without azaleas in your Marietta Ga yard, you are missing out on a spring and summer blooming spectacle. Azelias come in a wide variety of species and flower color, so you can diversify and really add some pizzazz to your landscape. Discover some fun facts and learn how to plant and care for this close relative to the rhododendron.

Azalea Planting and Care for Your Marietta Yard

Carolyn Robertson

123 days ago

Stop being misled by silly tree myths. Did you know that trees grow up, they grow down, and they grow out? The amazing thing is how they do it. Learn how trees grow and dispel the myths you've heard, because in the case of trees, the truth is much more interesting.

How Do Trees Grow?

Carolyn Robertson

154 days ago

When planning construction, landscaping, and hardscaping projects in Marietta Ga, be sure to add tree protection to the plan. Municipal ordinances mandate that trees and their roots be protected from soil compaction and bark damage. Signs, fences and in some cases barriers may be necessary to fulfill the requirements of the ordinance and land disturbance activity permit.

Tree Protection Instructions During Construction, Landscaping, and Hardscaping Projects

Carolyn Robertson

187 days ago

As trees grow and age, their roots expand outward in search of moisture and nutrients. During this process, they may run into obstacles. Tree roots adapt fairly quickly to obstacles and will proceed to grow under a sidewalk, driveway, retainer wall, or the foundation of your home. Another issue may be when soil conditions don't allow for deep growth, you may end up with surface roots. Before cutting the roots away, discover ways to properly manage and prevent tree root problems.

Tree Root Killing, Removal, and Cutting

Carolyn Robertson

208 days ago

So, your tree fell. Before calling a tree service to remove it, consider the following. If it's not on your house or in anybody's way, you can leave it there and let it become a nursery tree. Another option is to put on your DIY hat and get creative. You can repurpose or upcycle any part of a tree, this article offers information on the benefits a fallen tree has for the environment, as well as some nifty salvaged wood projects.

Ways to Repurpose, Recycle, or Leave a Fallen Tree

Carolyn Robertson

245 days ago

Severe weather takes its toll on trees. When a tree is in poor health, it doesn't have the strength or elasticity to survive the fierce winds or heavy ice and snow. Trees falling during a major storm can lead to catastrophic loss. Learn to detect trouble and take steps to keep your trees healthy and strong.

Tree Preparation for Storms and Hazardous Weather

Carolyn Robertson

267 days ago

Before taking action on your own, the removal of a dead, dying, diseased, or infested tree may be illegal in the City of Marietta Ga / Cobb County without a tree removal permit. Discover if and when a permit is needed for tree removal and the process to help you attain one.

Cobb and Marietta GA Tree Removal Permit Process

Carolyn Robertson

299 days ago

When a tree grows too close to your house, branches start brushing up against the roof and gutters. Roots can grow under the foundation, driveway, and porch, buckling them and causing significant damage. Discover options for taking corrective measures and preventative measures to ensure the safety and value of your home.

A Tree is Growing Too Close to My House – Trim or Remove It

Carolyn Robertson

344 days ago

If you still circle the Christmas tree to get the lights on, you're doing it all wrong! Learn here how to choose a fresh cut tree for the holidays and get some pro tips on lighting it.

Choosing and Lighting a Christmas Tree

Carolyn Robertson

358 days ago

Winter can be extremely rough on evergreen trees, plants, and shrubs. Following a few simple tips will keep your evergreens from suffering severe winter damage like bleaching, browning, or dying.

Tips for Protecting Your Evergreen Trees and Shrubs this Winter

Carolyn Robertson

399 days ago

Trees have adapted themselves over millennia to survive the harshest of weather. As winter approaches, deciduous trees lose their leaves and go into dormancy. Learn how to help them with these expert tips.

Deciduous Trees, Dormancy, and Winter Months

Carolyn Robertson

427 days ago

Severe weather and hurricanes can wreak havoc on your trees. How your yard survives storms depends on how it was designed and more-so by its upkeep. By following a few simple planting tips, you can greatly reduce the chances of a disastrous event.

Hurricane Planting Tips and Trees For Your Marietta Landscape

Carolyn Robertson

484 days ago

Caring for your trees has a lot to do with timing. The improper care of your trees can lead to disease and eventually its emergency removal. Learn the right time for cutting, trimming, and pruning to keep your garden and landscape beautiful and healthy.

The Right Time for Tree Cutting, Pruning, and Emergency Tree Removal

Carolyn Robertson

511 days ago

Trees are sensitive to their surroundings and may fall victim to many hazards. This article offers 3 prevention tips that can be used at any time throughout the year.

3 Tree Threat Prevention Tips

Carolyn Robertson

546 days ago

Create the perfect backyard with shade trees, beautiful landscaping and a vegetable garden. Use these helpful tips to plan the perfect outdoor living space.

Planning Your Perfect Backyard and Garden

Carolyn Robertson

574 days ago

Is my tree being planted properly? Marietta Homeowners and gardeners often ask arborist for tree planting advice. This article discusses 5 expert planting tips that help you avoid common mistakes such as digging a hole too small, improper watering or mulching the newly planted tree.

Tree Expert Shares 5 Important Tree Planting Tips

Carolyn Robertson

630 days ago

Tree watering and soil types are fundamental to the healthy growth of your trees. Knowing the soil types and how to distribute water along your landscaping is vital. This will increase efficiency while producing a nurturing ecosystem for your plants, shrubs, and trees.

Tree Watering and Soil Fundamentals

Carolyn Robertson

665 days ago

Prevent needing an emergency tree removal service by learning to identify a dying or diseased tree. Marietta Ga is humid and ripe with insects, creating the perfect environment for disease and infestation to creep in and destroy or damage your trees and plants. Learn some simple indicators that tell if you need to call in a tree service or arborist to treat your troubled tree.

Signs and Symptoms of a Troubled Tree

Carolyn Robertson

665 days ago

Check out this list of 5 easy to maintain shrubs for Your Marietta Georgia yard. The Aucuba, Florida Anise, Hydrangea, and Rhododendron are four shrub species that not only add color but improved design to your landscape. Discover characteristics of these plants and which would go well in your Marietta home.

5 Popular Marietta Ga Shrub Species

Carolyn Robertson

665 days ago

These beautiful shade trees are functional and bring an improved aesthetic to your Marietta Ga backyard. This article details characteristics of the Crape Myrtle, Dogwood Tree, Oak Tree, and Willow Oak tree. Plant and enjoy the canopy of a beautiful shade tree.

5 Popular Marietta Georgia Shade Trees

Carolyn Robertson

732 days ago

Tree Professional Opens New Tree Removal Service In Marietta, Georgia

Carolyn Robertson

813 days ago

Tree Care Pricing and Free Estimates

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