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Carolyn Robertson

21 days ago

Keep dead and diseased wood on your trees from causing their death. Knowing which trees can be pruned in spring will help you promote their stronger health and more vigorous growth.

Without proactive and timely pruning, dead or diseased wood left on your trees will attract more disease and deadly infestations that can be lethal to them. gathered the following essential information on pruning trees and shrubs in springtime, which trees to avoid pruning in spring, and some of the lethal diseases and insects to be on the lookout for.

Tree Pruning in Spring

Carolyn Robertson

49 days ago

Avoid costly damages when your tree dies and falls because a disease went unnoticed. Knowing how to correctly identify and treat tree diseases will help you keep them healthy and thriving.

With swift action to aid your tree and prevent its death, you are saving thousands of dollars in potential injuries and property damages.

Ignoring tree diseases in the beginning phases will likely result in the fast death of your tree and infection of surrounding trees. assembled essential information on the identification and treatment of anthracnose, canker, and Dutch elm disease, all of which attack, weaken, and kill or contribute to the death of trees.

Tree Disease Treatment

Carolyn Robertson

75 days ago

Prevent your poor soil from starving and killing your trees and plants. Knowing how to correct imbalances and enrich your soil will drive healthy growth in your yard and garden.

Enriching your soil will help you grow larger and healthier plant life and trees, making them less vulnerable to opportunistic diseases and insect infestations.

Ignoring your soil’s poor composition will ultimately lead to your landscape’s poor growth, ugly appearance, and plant death. gathered essential information on Identifying, enriching, and maintaining your soil.

How To Enrich Poor Soil

Carolyn Robertson

113 days ago

Prevent your chlorotic trees from rapid decline and sudden death. Knowing what to look for in trees and what to do will help you keep them thriving.

Allowing a disease or an insect infestation to spread can result in catastrophic widespread tree damage and death. gathered the following essential information on chlorosis, what causes it, its symptoms, and what you can do to treat it.

Chlorosis in Trees

Carolyn Robertson

141 days ago

Prevent your live, cut Christmas tree from causing and fueling catastrophic fire damage when it dries out. Know how to keep your cut Christmas tree fresh and you can keep your home and holiday spirit safe.

Investing the time to care for your live Christmas tree will give it the means to stay fresh and vibrant through and beyond the holidays.

Not caring for your tree can result in its accelerated dying and drying, creating an extreme fire hazard potentially ending in costly fire damage to your home. gathered essential information on how to select, care for, set up, and ultimately dispose of your live, cut Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Care

Carolyn Robertson

168 days ago

Prevent being pinned with the responsibility of a tree falling on your neighbor’s property. Knowing how to define who is responsible for a fallen tree can help you get the situation under control and resolved both quickly and fairly.

Recognizing tree disease and infestation problems will help you avoid the uncomfortable situation of being held financially responsible for structural damages and potentially life-threatening injuries.

When you ignore tree problems you are left vulnerable to your insurance carrier denying a claim and potentially being held fully responsible for all damages and repairs caused by your fallen tree. gathered the following essential information on the responsibility for a tree when it falls, when your homeowners insurance should be activated, and measures to prevent your tree from falling.

Who Is Responsible for a Fallen Tree

Carolyn Robertson

203 days ago

Prevent your trees from dying when severe weather leaves them in tatters. When you know what to do after such weather damages them, you can act swiftly to save or remove them, protecting your property.

Ignoring storm-damaged trees ultimately creates the possibility for catastrophic property damages when the tree suddenly falls. gathered the following information on how to properly assess the condition of your storm-damaged trees, make informed decisions about how to treat them after being damaged, and how to prevent it.

Handling Storm-Damaged Trees

Carolyn Robertson

232 days ago

Keep diseases and infestations from killing your trees. By knowing simple pruning information, you can help your trees stay healthy and thriving for decades.

When you prune your trees, you can encourage vigorous growth, remove diseased and infested limbs, and improve their health, while increasing fruit crops and flowers.

Neglecting pruning your trees, you are encouraging disease and infestation to successfully attack your trees, depleting their health, eventually leading to their death. gathered information on the reasons you should prune trees, the best time for pruning, the value of proper pruning, how to prune limbs, and when you might need a professional tree service to get the job done.

When Should I Prune Trees

Carolyn Robertson

260 days ago

Stop your sick maple tree from dying and causing costly damage to your property and well-being. By knowing what to do when your maple shows signs of decline, you can save it from an untimely death.

When you know what you’re looking for, how to quickly treat your tree problem, and when to seek help, you can add many years to your maple tree’s lifespan.

It’s when you neglect to treat the often subtle signs of distress that you may be dooming it to certain death. gathered the following essential information on identifying when your maple tree is in decline, what’s causing the condition, and how you can nurse it back to health.

How To Save a Dying Maple Tree

Carolyn Robertson

294 days ago

Avoid expensive property damage or serious injury when your tree sporadically drops an entire branch. By knowing why and how cladoptosis happens, you can take preemptive steps to stop it from severely disrupting your life and property. defines what self-pruning or cladoptosis is, how it happens, why it happens, and the tree species most likely to do it.

Increasing the health of your tree and the sunlight it receives are two of your primary defenses against this condition. By taking preventative action, you can avoid being taken by surprise if/when your tree suddenly drops a branch.

Allowing your tree to grow without care and attention can result in its unannounced self-pruning, suddenly dropping branches, and causing extreme damages to anything or anyone they come crashing down on.

Self-Pruning Trees (Cladoptosis)

Carolyn Robertson

320 days ago

Allowing your trees to become ill and die will likely result in severe damages to your property. By knowing some steps that protect trees from their planting to maturity, you are giving them their greatest chance to thrive. gathered the following essential information about some of the steps you can take to protect your trees from multiple threats and hazards.

By ignoring steps to protect your trees, it can result in expensive damages combined with the abrupt loss of time and significant effort.

How To Protect Trees

Carolyn Robertson

364 days ago

Stop your Hypoxylon canker infected tree from becoming a threat to your property and landscape. If you know how to identify and treat this disease, you can potentially save your tree.

By taking immediate action to care for your tree and prevent the progression of Hypoxylon canker, you can save your tree from from this killer. gathered essential information about the definition, identification, treatment, and prevention of Hypoxylon canker disease.

Hypoxylon Canker Disease on Oak and Shade Trees (Biscogniauxia Canker)

Carolyn Robertson

385 days ago

Your dead tree can quickly become a substantial threat to you and your property. Making yourself aware of the possibilities and consequences of keeping a dead tree in your yard can help you come to an informed decision about its fate.

Having your dead tree evaluated by a certified arborist, allows you to determine the next stage of the tree’s journey and purpose.

Failing to address a dead tree in your yard can result in expensive fines imposed by your municipality, the fast spreading of an insect infestation or disease, and if the tree falls, damages to you and your property. gathered the following essential information on how to determine if you should keep or remove a dead tree in your yard and how you can repurpose it either way.

Should I Remove That Dead Tree in My Yard?

Carolyn Robertson

413 days ago

When a tree is in decline, if you don’t know what you are look for, a tree defect can wind up causing a significant hazard for your property and well being. When you know how to identify and manage severe tree defects, you can prevent catastrophic and life-threatening impacts from sudden branch and tree falls.

By ignoring the signs of tree defects, they can result in costly or life-threatening damages to your property, structures, and vehicles. If the defect is coupled with a disease or infestation, your failure to respond can result in the spread of these problems to other trees and plants on and around your property. gathered the following essential information on serious tree defects, how they can be identified, and how to manage them before they turn deadly.

How To Identify and Manage 7 Deadly Tree Defects

Carolyn Robertson

441 days ago

Prevent a half-dead tree from causing a grave accident or having a devastating impact on the health of your yard. By knowing why your tree is dying on one side, you can exercise measures to save it or remove it, while protecting your property. assembled information about the many causes and treatments for a tree that is half dead.

Are you asking yourself, "How can a tree die on one side?" Well, there are several possibilities that can lead to this bizarre condition, and all of them require immediate action on your part. For deciduous and evergreens alike, consider that there are several conditions that lead to half of your tree dying before the entire tree dies.

Why Is Half of My Tree Dead?

Carolyn Robertson

477 days ago

Your trees may suffer severe injury and die through winter without protective measures. With some easy steps, you can ensure your trees arrive at their growing season thriving. gathered essential information about winter tree injury, causes, and tips to treat and prevent it.

Winter tree injury is the damage done to trees, shrubs, and plants through the winter months. The more severe the winter is, the more substantial damages will be to your trees, shrubs, and plants.

Leaving your trees exposed to the elements without protective measures, you run a heightened risk of them developing conditions that attract disease and insect infestations that can lead to their decline and death.

How To Protect Your Trees in Winter

Carolyn Robertson

504 days ago

Don’t allow your trees to die from disease and insect infestations when they suffer from splitting bark. Correctly treating your tree after its bark splits is essential to its survival.

By employing preventative and protective measures for your trees throughout the winter months and from harmful chemicals, your trees can flourish with a higher level of resistance to insect infestation and disease. gathered the information on why tree bark splits or cracks and steps you can take to prevent it or treat it.

Ignoring bark splitting or cracking is fundamentally leaving your tree vulnerable to a rapid decline in its health and eventual death.

My Tree Bark is Splitting – Can I Fix it?

Carolyn Robertson

538 days ago

Tree hazard assessments are performed to provide information to the surveyor and homeowner about the health and stability of the surveyed trees. Tree hazard assessments are used to determine:

* If a tree will remain stable during severe weather events

* If the tree poses an infestation or disease threat to surrounding trees

* If the tree is a hazard to surrounding structures or people

* A course of action which may include removal

The older your trees get, the more they will require hazard assessments. As trees age, they become more massive, less flexible, and often less resistant to disease and infestations.
The assessment of the surrounding soil is just as necessary, soil erosion can become a significant problem for a tree’s stability. Erosion can cause the tree’s root plate to lift during the slightest of wind resulting in the toppling of an otherwise healthy tree.

Why Do I Need a Tree Hazard Assessment

Carolyn Robertson

568 days ago

When your leaning tree falls, it can cause catastrophic and life-threatening damage. By staking your tree, you give it an opportunity to re-establish itself, and prevent its death. gathered essential information on what causes trees to lean, how to stake them, and when tree removal is the only option.

Before starting the staking or bracing process of a tree, it’s helpful to understand why trees lean during different stages of their life.

The following require staking, bracing, or cabling to be saved:

• The tree may be leaning towards sunlight.
• The root ball has shifted in the soil.
• Constant wind has formed the tree to curve or has altered its center of gravity.
• The tree was impacted by a vehicle or heavy machinery.
• Neighboring trees were removed.
• The crown is off-center from repeated poor pruning.

How to Stake a Leaning Tree

Carolyn Robertson

595 days ago

If you have mushroom conks growing out of your tree trunk, don’t ignore it. Don't mistake these fungi as a common occurrence, they are a grim sign that your tree is severely ill, dying or is already dead.

Your slow reaction to the signs of fungal infections on your tree may result in the loss of the tree and catastrophic damages if it eventually falls.

Mushrooms on a Tree Trunk Means Your Tree is Dying

Carolyn Robertson

631 days ago

When your deciduous tree changes color during the spring or summer months, or an evergreen changes color at any time (they should always be green), there is a valid cause for concern.

Off-season color change or leaf drop likely means that an insect infestation, disease, drought, or vine may be killing the tree.

Your fast response to this color change may determine whether the tree survives or not. Discover the solutions to many common tree afflictions.

Reasons Your Tree Changing Colors in Spring or Summer is a Bad Sign

Carolyn Robertson

663 days ago

If you see big black ants crawling in and out of your tree, your tree is dealing with multiple problems. While carpenter ants need to be controlled, they are the least of your worries and indicators of disease and rot. gathered information on how you can eliminate carpenter ants from your tree and what's behind their being there in the first place.

When carpenter ants nest in a tree, there is great risk that they will also invade nearby structures. In a typical carpenter ant colony, foragers seek new sources of nutrition or a suitably sheltered location to either relocate the primary colony or form a satellite colony.

The best time for carpenter ant control is when activity is at its peak in the spring and summer months. During winter, they will hibernate unless they are located near a constant source of heat.

Killing Carpenter Ants in Your Tree and What They Mean

Carolyn Robertson

691 days ago

If free apples for life is your aim, it’s as simple as planting an apple tree, but there are a few essential things you must know before trying to grow one in your backyard.

Growing apple trees may seem like an easy task, and it is when you know how to acclimate them and properly care for them as they grow. By using simplified care techniques, you’ll be harvesting amazing homegrown apples before you know it. compiled essential information on acclimating, planting, and caring for apple trees until they bear fruit.

How to Grow an Apple Tree in Marietta Georgia

Carolyn Robertson

715 days ago

What if you had the option to plant trees that take care of themselves, need little maintenance, and stay beautiful all year round, would you do it?

Mature deciduous trees drop an overwhelming amount of leaves and leave you with hundreds of twigs, limbs, and branches to be pruned. By planting evergreen tree species, you’ll save time and energy that you can spend on other activities.

Come discover 5 of the best low-maintenance evergreen tree species to plant in your Marietta yard.

5 Best Low-Maintenance Trees for Your Marietta Yard

Carolyn Robertson

750 days ago

Stop your dying tree from falling on your house. All trees grow, age, and die, knowing the signs of a troubled tree and how to respond to it will keep your property and loved ones safe.

Illness, infestation, and disease can slowly ruin the health of your trees, and when this happens, knowing what to do becomes critical. In many cases, the signs are so subtle that trouble is often overlooked, and the tree subsequently falls on your car or house. details how to identify a tree emergency, spot an infestation, recognize the signs of a troubled tree, and what to do when your tree starts dying.

My Tree is Dying – What Do I Do?

Carolyn Robertson

778 days ago

Don't let your lack of information impact your ability to care for and fight disease on your hickory tree? Hickory trees are among the most durable native trees in the United States. Any one of the hickory species should be considered for your landscape for their beauty and ease of care. presents hickory tree information, common diseases, care tips, and answers some of the more frequent questions about them.

Hickory trees belong to the Carya genus. There are about twenty species of hickory in the genus, of which, 12 are native to the United States. Trees in the Carya genus bloom and bear fruit. Hickory trees are among the toughest, most durable, and most long-lived, making them a frequent favorite in Southern landscaping.

Hickory Tree Facts, Diseases, and Care

Carolyn Robertson

810 days ago

Too much or not enough mulch can kill your tree. The fallen leaves and needles we rake or blow away from trees are their way of naturally protecting their roots, thus, we mulch. Tree roots need moist nutrient-rich soil year-round for continued growth and health. Every fall, your trees should be mulched to ensure their winter survival and spring prosperity. In this article, you will discover the definition, importance, and proper application of mulch for better tree health, as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Proper Mulching Techniques Around Trees

Carolyn Robertson

839 days ago

That tree in your yard may be diseased and risky to leave unaddressed. While diseased trees may pose a significant threat to your property and surrounding people, identifying and treating such cases quickly can mitigate and prevent catastrophic tree fall situations. Discover how to identify, treat, and prevent tree diseases in Marietta Ga.

5 Marietta Ga Tree Diseases – Identification and Treatment

Carolyn Robertson

868 days ago

You may be the unintentional cause of a destructive fungus spreading around your landscape! Protect your trees and shrubs from getting anthracnose fungi. Uncover ways to identify, effectively treat and prevent this robust fungal disease from weakening the health of your landscape.

How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Anthracnose

Carolyn Robertson

914 days ago

Before using nauseous chemical bug sprays on your trees and plants, consider the harm that those chemicals do to beneficial insects, your pets, and your family. Homemade insecticidal soap sprays have been around for generations. They are easy to make and apply, and they are an effective alternative to commercially produced pesticides. Discover this easy 3-step recipe for your tree and garden pest control.

Insecticidal Soap Recipe to Control Tree Pests

Carolyn Robertson

943 days ago

One of the most important parts of being a responsible and prepared property owner is learning to identify the warning signs of a tree emergency and know which actions to take. By ignoring your trees you are inviting disastrous consequences. Avoid expensive damages and injuries by learning to identify various tree emergencies and how to quickly resolve them.

How to Identify a Tree Emergency

Carolyn Robertson

963 days ago

Without azaleas in your Marietta Ga yard, you are missing out on a spring and summer blooming spectacle. Azelias come in a wide variety of species and flower color, so you can diversify and really add some pizzazz to your landscape. Discover some fun facts and learn how to plant and care for this close relative to the rhododendron.

Azalea Planting and Care for Your Marietta Yard

Carolyn Robertson

998 days ago

Stop being misled by silly tree myths. Did you know that trees grow up, they grow down, and they grow out? The amazing thing is how they do it. Learn how trees grow and dispel the myths you've heard, because in the case of trees, the truth is much more interesting.

How Do Trees Grow?

Carolyn Robertson

1029 days ago

When planning construction, landscaping, and hardscaping projects in Marietta Ga, be sure to add tree protection to the plan. Municipal ordinances mandate that trees and their roots be protected from soil compaction and bark damage. Signs, fences and in some cases barriers may be necessary to fulfill the requirements of the ordinance and land disturbance activity permit.

Tree Protection Instructions During Construction, Landscaping, and Hardscaping Projects

Carolyn Robertson

1062 days ago

As trees grow and age, their roots expand outward in search of moisture and nutrients. During this process, they may run into obstacles. Tree roots adapt fairly quickly to obstacles and will proceed to grow under a sidewalk, driveway, retainer wall, or the foundation of your home. Another issue may be when soil conditions don't allow for deep growth, you may end up with surface roots. Before cutting the roots away, discover ways to properly manage and prevent tree root problems.

Tree Root Killing, Removal, and Cutting

Carolyn Robertson

1083 days ago

So, your tree fell. Before calling a tree service to remove it, consider the following. If it's not on your house or in anybody's way, you can leave it there and let it become a nursery tree. Another option is to put on your DIY hat and get creative. You can repurpose or upcycle any part of a tree, this article offers information on the benefits a fallen tree has for the environment, as well as some nifty salvaged wood projects.

Ways to Repurpose, Recycle, or Leave a Fallen Tree

Carolyn Robertson

1120 days ago

Severe weather takes its toll on trees. When a tree is in poor health, it doesn't have the strength or elasticity to survive the fierce winds or heavy ice and snow. Trees falling during a major storm can lead to catastrophic loss. Learn to detect trouble and take steps to keep your trees healthy and strong.

Tree Preparation for Storms and Hazardous Weather

Carolyn Robertson

1142 days ago

Before taking action on your own, the removal of a dead, dying, diseased, or infested tree may be illegal in the City of Marietta Ga / Cobb County without a tree removal permit. Discover if and when a permit is needed for tree removal and the process to help you attain one.

Cobb and Marietta GA Tree Removal Permit Process

Carolyn Robertson

1174 days ago

When a tree grows too close to your house, branches start brushing up against the roof and gutters. Roots can grow under the foundation, driveway, and porch, buckling them and causing significant damage. Discover options for taking corrective measures and preventative measures to ensure the safety and value of your home.

A Tree is Growing Too Close to My House – Trim or Remove It

Carolyn Robertson

1219 days ago

If you still circle the Christmas tree to get the lights on, you're doing it all wrong! Learn here how to choose a fresh cut tree for the holidays and get some pro tips on lighting it.

Choosing and Lighting a Christmas Tree

Carolyn Robertson

1233 days ago

Winter can be extremely rough on evergreen trees, plants, and shrubs. Following a few simple tips will keep your evergreens from suffering severe winter damage like bleaching, browning, or dying.

Tips for Protecting Your Evergreen Trees and Shrubs this Winter

Carolyn Robertson

1274 days ago

Trees have adapted themselves over millennia to survive the harshest of weather. As winter approaches, deciduous trees lose their leaves and go into dormancy. Learn how to help them with these expert tips.

Deciduous Trees, Dormancy, and Winter Months

Carolyn Robertson

1302 days ago

Severe weather and hurricanes can wreak havoc on your trees. How your yard survives storms depends on how it was designed and more-so by its upkeep. By following a few simple planting tips, you can greatly reduce the chances of a disastrous event.

Hurricane Planting Tips and Trees For Your Marietta Landscape

Carolyn Robertson

1358 days ago

Caring for your trees has a lot to do with timing. The improper care of your trees can lead to disease and eventually its emergency removal. Learn the right time for cutting, trimming, and pruning to keep your garden and landscape beautiful and healthy.

The Right Time for Tree Cutting, Pruning, and Emergency Tree Removal

Carolyn Robertson

1386 days ago

Trees are sensitive to their surroundings and may fall victim to many hazards. This article offers 3 prevention tips that can be used at any time throughout the year.

3 Tree Threat Prevention Tips

Carolyn Robertson

1421 days ago

Create the perfect backyard with shade trees, beautiful landscaping and a vegetable garden. Use these helpful tips to plan the perfect outdoor living space.

Planning Your Perfect Backyard and Garden

Carolyn Robertson

1449 days ago

Is my tree being planted properly? Marietta Homeowners and gardeners often ask arborist for tree planting advice. This article discusses 5 expert planting tips that help you avoid common mistakes such as digging a hole too small, improper watering or mulching the newly planted tree.

Tree Expert Shares 5 Important Tree Planting Tips

Carolyn Robertson

1505 days ago

Tree watering and soil types are fundamental to the healthy growth of your trees. Knowing the soil types and how to distribute water along your landscaping is vital. This will increase efficiency while producing a nurturing ecosystem for your plants, shrubs, and trees.

Tree Watering and Soil Fundamentals

Carolyn Robertson

1540 days ago

Prevent needing an emergency tree removal service by learning to identify a dying or diseased tree. Marietta Ga is humid and ripe with insects, creating the perfect environment for disease and infestation to creep in and destroy or damage your trees and plants. Learn some simple indicators that tell if you need to call in a tree service or arborist to treat your troubled tree.

Signs and Symptoms of a Troubled Tree

Carolyn Robertson

1540 days ago

Check out this list of 5 easy to maintain shrubs for Your Marietta Georgia yard. The Aucuba, Florida Anise, Hydrangea, and Rhododendron are four shrub species that not only add color but improved design to your landscape. Discover characteristics of these plants and which would go well in your Marietta home.

5 Popular Marietta Ga Shrub Species

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