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Tejan Timblo

336 days ago

#downround #notastaranymore

Exclusive: Tiger Global may be part-exiting Flipkart with 3x return


Tejan Timblo

577 days ago

Consolidation is inevitable once the bubble begins to unravel. Financials speak louder than analyst's unreal Indian Internet mobility optimism.

Flipkart-owned Myntra acquires struggling Jabong


Tejan Timblo

579 days ago

One of the best articles on Junk food ever written.

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food


Tejan Timblo

608 days ago

Worth a #read!

A tragic split


Tejan Timblo

609 days ago

This is an extremely outdated article, but probably written as best as anyone can argue a case for #uber 's staggering valuation.

How to Miss By a Mile: An Alternative Look at Uber’s Potential Market Size


Tejan Timblo

611 days ago

First the #centralbankgovernor this morning, now this guy too. Well in fairness, #snapdeal and #coupang-- not good bets.

SoftBank President Nikesh Arora Leaves Company Abruptly


Tejan Timblo

612 days ago

Nice way to put forth a preexisting state of affairs. #ecommerce #india

India's Ecommerce Industry and The Prisoner's Dilemma


Tejan Timblo

615 days ago

The right way forward, Phil Schiller leadership will stir things up in a ecosystem that reached stasis. The author outlines some great points in the last 3 paragraphs.


Apple’s App Store at the end of the app era


Tejan Timblo

658 days ago

Interesting, maybe one should try and do it themselves

The Best Cloud Storage Services that Protect Your Privacy


Tejan Timblo

718 days ago

Donald Trump to Amazon: If He's President 'They're Gonna Have Such Problems'


Tejan Timblo

728 days ago

A very interesting read, give you an insight of things to come.

What’s Next in Computing?


Tejan Timblo

767 days ago

Life is beautiful if you really really get with this.


Tejan Timblo

771 days ago



Tejan Timblo

793 days ago

Abraham Maslow and Spirituality


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