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Rob Harmer

661 days ago

The CEO experience may be amplified and insensitive but this is true for all creators, artists, makers and changers.

It’s like the fight club of management: The first rule of the CEO psychological meltdown is don’t talk about the psychological meltdown.

What’s The Most Difficult CEO Skill? Managing Your Own Psychology.

Rob Harmer

683 days ago

“Organic” has essentially become another way of saying “luxury.”

Buying organic veggies at the supermarket is a waste of money

Rob Harmer

742 days ago

The myth of self-control

Rob Harmer

764 days ago

Precisely tuned for an echo cave.

such news exists primarily within the feeds of the already converted, its authorship obscured, its provenance unclear, its veracity questionable.

Inside Facebook’s (Totally Insane, Unintentionally Gigantic, Hyperpartisan) Political-Media Machine

Rob Harmer

773 days ago

I don’t think actual failure is what’s being discussed. “Failure” is just the word that makes the books and articles seem more intriguing than they actually are. Actual failure is awful and expensive. It’s devastating. Failure teaches you nothing. You should not consider “failure” a positive outcome. Not early. Not often. Not ever, if you can help it. Really, what’s being discussed is: mistakes.

Rob Harmer

813 days ago

“Be happy and smile. Or don’t. Just try to have some feelings and express them accordingly.”

Honest E-Mail-Sign-Off Quotations for the Uninspired

Rob Harmer

821 days ago

This Is Your Life in Silicon Valley

Rob Harmer

836 days ago

20 Brutal Truths All 20-Somethings Need to Hear

Rob Harmer

844 days ago

Richard Feynman Explains How Rubber Bands Work

Rob Harmer

884 days ago

Advocating for inclusion across all lines except ideological is at best ironic, and at worst hypocritical.

let’s aim for ideological as well as ethnic diversity.

The Liberal Blind Spot

Rob Harmer

890 days ago

"B: Heya—we both totally dropped the ball on this! Our bad! We are, like, the subprime-lending crisis of hanging out, right? You around on Weds?"

Let’s Get Drinks

Rob Harmer

952 days ago

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Rob Harmer

974 days ago

The Proven Path to Doing Unique and Meaningful Work

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