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From AR; In OK. Has PhD. Codes. Plays with data. Does weather. Mentors. Eats PB M&Ms. Tries to save NWS from itself. Pokes bears.

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Patrick Marsh

242 days ago

4 Things Children Absolutely Do Not Need—and What to Give Them Instead

Patrick Marsh

329 days ago

Well worth watching

Patrick Marsh

332 days ago

The code I’m still ashamed of

Patrick Marsh

417 days ago

I'm over leveraged.... :(

The Cost of Holding On

Patrick Marsh

418 days ago

Exactly what we need in government.

The Principles of Quantum Team Management

Patrick Marsh

553 days ago

Love, Mom...and Dad

An Open Letter to My Children: You're Not That Great

Patrick Marsh

605 days ago

Here's another good read.

PS...I'm not secretly crying out for help! I'm simply trying to get through my 3+ month backlog of things I put away to read!

Beware of Quicksand: How One Stranger’s Comment Changed My Marriage Forever Monday, March 21st, 2016

Patrick Marsh

606 days ago

Another good read about what your priorities say about you. I'll be changing some things as a result.

Tell Me What You Did Today, And I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Patrick Marsh

607 days ago

A long, but good read on what is long-term romance.

What Romance Really Means After 10 Years of Marriage

Patrick Marsh

701 days ago

Another good one. I learned a couple things myself and will be putting this into practice.

Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss

Patrick Marsh

701 days ago

Some good takeaways in here.

How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

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