Dimitris John Raptis

1239 days ago

The radical magazine Salvage on the Brexit referendum, calls it what it is several months before it happened: the Right taking over the discussion.

"The problem with the left-Brexit position is that, however pertinent its critique of the EU and radical its aspirations, it has no prospect of relevance at this stage, in this referendum. [...] The campaigns and their platforms have already been developed in the Left’s overwhelming absence. On neither side is the Left making any significant impression [...] The debate already exists, and in Britain it is firmly structured by a fight between two wings of the Right, in which the Left has proved and is proving utterly unable to impart any radical or progressive content."

This as an answer to all saying this was a vote against austerity and human rights abuse. For many it likely was, but with the way it played out the only winners are the immigrant-bashing nationalist right.

Neither Westminster Nor Brussels


Long before this referendum was called, Salvage made our position on the European Union crystal clear.