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Just a small town boy, living north of Detroit. I took the midnight train going anywhere.

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Michael Potter

687 days ago

Long awaited PC integration with mobile phones!

3 ways Windows 10 uses Android and iOS phones to make a better PC


Michael Potter

690 days ago

Some great advice here and practical for decision making.

The Biggest Mistake When You Discern Complex Decisions


Michael Potter

701 days ago

Nobody Knows What Lies Beneath New York City


Michael Potter

723 days ago

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens


Michael Potter

758 days ago

We should not neglect communications work for strategic , goal driven objectives we want to achieve.

Does your inbox do strategy?


Michael Potter

823 days ago

If not phones, Microsoft needs another device category to ensure Windows success


Michael Potter

956 days ago

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Likability Quotient


Michael Potter

967 days ago

Changes in communication preferences from 2012 - 2016: different age groups prefer different technologies

The Changing Pattern of Consumer Communications


Michael Potter

995 days ago

An amazing set of advice that can take you from overwhelm to control. It's not magic or trickery, it's working on the "you" problem.

How to Get Time For Your Projects


Michael Potter

1099 days ago

What Productivity Systems Won’t Solve


Michael Potter

1246 days ago

Powerful and futuristic...fun to watch it unfold

Microsoft's aggressive push to rule personal computing Part I: Windows 10


Michael Potter

1278 days ago

Too many people live a life too full, busy or stressful to enjoy. That is a choice you don't have to make any longer.

Margin Enables Intentional Living


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