Matthew Martin


Matthew Martin

318 days ago

The AI Revolution: Our Immortality or Extinction

Matthew Martin

356 days ago

highlights the very innocuous cues in apps that get us addicted and staying. you need to stay vigilant and learn these

How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist

Matthew Martin

359 days ago

Nice journey of going all in starting a development career

How I went from zero to San Francisco software engineer in 12 months

Matthew Martin

363 days ago

the article proposes an empowering way to look at distractions : that some can build you up or that provide temporary relief from pain.

There’s a good kind of distraction and a bad kind. Here’s how to tell the difference between them

Matthew Martin

447 days ago

Great tip that can be applied immediately.

The 10/10/10 Rule For Tough Decisions

Matthew Martin

467 days ago

The biggest threat facing middle-age men isn’t smoking or obesity. It’s loneliness.

Matthew Martin

698 days ago

We unconditionally commit to love and care for this particular child.

A Manifesto Against ‘Parenting’

Matthew Martin

893 days ago

great way to think about goals and what to focus on

our struggles determine our successes.

You probably know to ask yourself, “What do I want?” Here’s a way better question

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