Matagus Méndez

1043 days ago

Once we know the candidate has the required level of competence, most companies focus on what is usually referred to as “cultural fit.”

This is probably one of the most damaging concepts to your efforts to build a great organization.

Of the vast pool of people in the world, companies filter out almost everyone except those that are perceived as a “cultural fit,” which of course is a very ill-defined concept.

For most organizations, “cultural fit” is the politically correct term for what essentially translates into: “hire people that look and think like we do.” In our industry, usually that means white men from top-tier universities with technical degrees, hiring more white men from top-tier universities with technical degrees. In my experience, this is not usually conscious or intentional, but the results are plain to see.

I’d like to try to convince you that “cultural fit” is the wrong objective here.

Empowered Product Teams

Note: This is the narrative article version of a talk I’ve started giving recently at conferences, product meetups and corporate leadership teams.