Matagus Méndez

1428 days ago

Of course, you don’t have the freedom to choose to deploy in the cloud just because it makes life easier for you. Some products (operating systems or video game consoles) simply can’t exist entirely in the cloud. If you build for consumers on mobile, you’ll probably choose a native app so you can deliver the best UX, because at least in consumer, rich UX trumps engineering productivity. I know it sounds preposterous, but be prepared for shipping mobile apps to have more in common with shipping operating systems than with shipping for the web. That’s why even if you are mobile first, you want all of the brains of your mobile apps to live on the server where you can easily change them.

The Right Way to Ship Software

This article is by Jocelyn Goldfein, angel investor and former engineering executive at Facebook and VMware. She’s well known for helping engineering teams scale their operations through periods of hyper-growth.