Kevan Lee

1092 days ago

It got my attention, not my interest.

Put differently, it got my lizard brain to look but kept my thinking brain peacefully sleeping and my heart beating a slow, steady, uninterrupted pace.

Put differently still, it got 51K unique views and 1600 email addresses. A 3% conversion rate. Pretty solid, actually.

And that speaks to the problem of looking at conversion rates only when we’re measuring lead-gen pages. Because, in the case of the page above, those new subscribers didn’t sign up to receive value. They signed up largely out of morbid curiosity. And partly out of being nudged to do so repeatedly. So a 3% conversion rate doesn’t actually mean much at all – in this case or on many lead-gen pages.

What matters – and what you’ll actually be measured against as a marketer – is not how your list has grown but how your business has.

Writing lead gen pages doesn't have to kill your soul (2016)

SUBMIT TO MY AWESOME POWWWWWERRRRRR! But sometimes that’s how lead-generation pages come off, right?