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John Lam

106 days ago

After recovering from CoViD-19, 79 of 100 patients showed heart damage!

Covid-19 infections leave an impact on the heart, raising concerns about lasting damage

John Lam

135 days ago

Lack of digital literacy both among leadership and staff mires contact tracing in duplicate records and stale counts.

Bottleneck for U.S. Coronavirus Response: The Fax Machine

John Lam

208 days ago

Dr Li Wenliang

The Chinese doctor who tried to warn others about coronavirus

John Lam

237 days ago

The charts update daily. Brother-in-law of a friend, John Burn-Murdoch, explains in Twitter his data graphic design choices.

Coronavirus tracked: the latest figures as countries start to reopen | Free to read

John Lam

497 days ago

On the grand scale of things, fixing this issue helps address other issues we recognize politically, such as climate change and transportation policy.

Study: U.S. Fossil Fuel Subsidies Exceed Pentagon Spending

John Lam

870 days ago

The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy

John Lam

878 days ago

PJ, we can't scale staffing manually. Here's another offering worth investing some time.

Aday Technologies Automates Scheduling and Compliance for Hourly Workers – InnovationFWD

John Lam

960 days ago

With venture funds approved to start soliciting capital in Michigan and invest in Detroit, and later Midland and Flint, venture fund Cooperative Capital looks worthy of a deeper investigation.

This Startup Lets Neighbors Pool Their Money To Invest In Their Communities

John Lam

1035 days ago

Mmm…a complex and mouldy flavor, either made from pasteurized milk or aged 60 days in Wegman's cheese cave.

Its Reputation and Its Odor Precede It

John Lam

1042 days ago

Redesigning the Grid: Barcelona’s Experiment with Superblocks

John Lam

1090 days ago

And we thought Rochester's system needed redesign?

Bus Service Is in Crisis, City Comptroller’s Report Says

John Lam

1152 days ago

The more i read and study the more i sense revenue-neutrality in ReimagineRTS as a major shortcoming. For one or two years, the constraint matters less, but for three and more years hence, revenues vary with political vicissitudes, legislation, and budgets. Flat revenue becomes an unrealistic assumption. We should instead take this exemplar from Indianapolis or from other cities, and forecast the changes we need to make. As the adage goes, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

The Bus Network Redesign in Indianapolis Will Be Like Launching a Brand New Transit System

John Lam

1162 days ago

Lessons on Success and Deliberate Practice from Mozart, Picasso, and Kobe Bryant

John Lam

1380 days ago

As ridesharing ramps up in New York, let's beware of evolving competitive strategies we might see here. This article describes tactics Uber has taken against Lyft to win market dominance.

This is Uber's playbook for sabotaging Lyft

John Lam

1469 days ago

Might we ask the D&C to release or share the documents obtained via Freedom of Information? I'd like to see for each proposal just how transportation and modes were and could be considered.

Records provide detail on Strong, other Inner Loop plans

John Lam

1480 days ago

Taking Out a Highway That Hemmed Rochester In

John Lam

1650 days ago

Before making final recommendations for its Downtown Parking Study, Rochester ought wait for New York to permit ridesharing services to gain traction and understand their effects on parking demand, especially on lots and garages near or attached to business hotels. The large effect size reflects a massive shift in the market for rental car parking, and could handily ease a garage capacity crunch.

I'm sure the Rose Fellows would also find this study useful.

Of course, determining how to license rideshares is a separate issue.

Uber Overtakes Rental Cars Among Business Travelers

John Lam

1715 days ago

I've seen no better tool now for workgroups and organizations to replace internal email, but best practices remain elusive. Without norming practices, groups and teams i've seen use Slack incorrectly, at first. Ask me how.

What Slack is doing to our offices—and our minds

John Lam

1717 days ago

Less than 24 hours before the fatal pedestrian accident Saturday evening, a bicyclist riding on Lake Avenue near Lyell was struck by a hit-and-run driver. The unidentified rider was taken by ambulance to a hospital, though police said his injuries appeared to be minor.

Citing accidents, lawmakers call for Lake Avenue scrutiny

John Lam

1729 days ago

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

John Lam

1795 days ago

This article hits me with deja vu as it echoes statements and links i've posted over the past 7 months about venture philanthropy. I had before read none of the articles listed within, but they come to remarkably similar summaries. I've added a handful to my reading lists and plan to read a dozen more, to better survey the landscape. I'm sure this background will come strategic as organizations i help venture ahead.

Philanthropy Awards, 2015 — Inside Philanthropy

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