Gabriel Cypriano

1602 days ago

"The most successful products are not the ones with the most features, they are the ones which most effectively satisfy the customer needs.
The goal isn’t to deliver more stuff, faster – the goal is to deliver better stuff.
The Scrum Product Owner role doesn’t fix the problem – it perpetuates the PO as customer mistake.
The team is not accountable for product success, they are focused on pleasing the product owner.
The product owner is a team member – the whole team should take accountability for product success.  The whole team should have ownership of the product, not a single individual"

Jeff Patton on #NoProjects and Product Management

Key Takeaways “Project” and “product” are used interchangeably, yet they are two very different things If you are building a product that is sold to end consumers, then they are your customer, not “the business”; the focus on “the business” means we build products to satisfy the inte