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Rosscoe Deasy

74 days ago

The mistakes made by US cities as the expanded in size but neglected proper public transport. Are we now making the same mistakes in Ireland?

Why Did America Give Up on Mass Transit? (Don't Blame Cars.)

Rosscoe Deasy

79 days ago

Some grains of ugly truth in this. I'm pretty sure nothing would change if my job disappeared.

Why Garbagemen Should Earn More Than Bankers

Rosscoe Deasy

132 days ago

Excellent account of the financial impacts of the 'lost decade' post 2008. What's changed (or not) and why.

After the Fall

Rosscoe Deasy

148 days ago

Powerful and humbling, a call to our better selves.

Curiosity and What Equality Really Means

Rosscoe Deasy

228 days ago

Extraordinary account of the experiences of extraordinary men. The right stuff.


Rosscoe Deasy

233 days ago

Read it. Do it. Live better.

The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right

Rosscoe Deasy

261 days ago

A message that deserves to be heard, and heard by a wider audience than designers. A call to be responsible for our individual and collective legacies.

Design’s Lost Generation

Rosscoe Deasy

283 days ago

A searing indictment of the American dream.

Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse

Rosscoe Deasy

370 days ago

Straight questions deserve straight answers. Similar questions could be asked of the Irish government.

An Open Letter to the CEO of Apple

Rosscoe Deasy

381 days ago

Required reading for founders - substitute 'cheap debt' for VC growth capital and Central Bankers could learn a thing or two aswell.

Toxic VC and the marginal-dollar problem

Rosscoe Deasy

427 days ago

Equally amazed and appalled. Does profound advancement for the few still count as progress?

Can Techie Parents Reinvent School For Everyone–Or Just Their Rich Kids?

Rosscoe Deasy

427 days ago

I was never a huge fan of Fintan or his writing, but he nails this one. No easy answers to the questions raised by Brexit.

Brexit’s Irish Question

Rosscoe Deasy

478 days ago

Worth a read, points out some of the absurdities of GDP measurements and highlights the growing disconnect between growing per capita GDP and increased living standards.

Is Productivity Growth Becoming Irrelevant?

Rosscoe Deasy

532 days ago

Behold the future, dark & light. A very thought prevoking essay from the eminently readable Mr Fry.

The Way Ahead

Rosscoe Deasy

535 days ago

Required reading. Huxley's nightmare

Notes From An Emergency

Rosscoe Deasy

567 days ago

or: How 'Direct to Consumer' business models killed the dinosaurs. Learnings for every industry here.

Watch it while it lasts: our golden age of television

Rosscoe Deasy

577 days ago

The other America

Buying a $500 House in Detroit: bidding on the soul of my city

Rosscoe Deasy

581 days ago

Facinating - an unintended social experiment, the world is online

When Pixels Collide

Rosscoe Deasy

616 days ago

Great ideas, badly written. Still well worth a read. Everything is possible, the future starts now.

Closing the Loop

Rosscoe Deasy

619 days ago

Brexit. It's complicated. An excellent synopsis of the real issues.

The world after Brexit

Rosscoe Deasy

623 days ago

An inspired and timely rant. Important observations on the world we are acqiesing into being, made by someone who every incentive to stay quiet. Kudos DHH

Exponential growth devours and corrupts

Rosscoe Deasy

845 days ago

61 Glimpses of the Future

Rosscoe Deasy

884 days ago

Modern life is caffeine.

Maybe Just Don't Drink Coffee

Rosscoe Deasy

923 days ago

Oh so true.

The clean, green and slightly bonkers world of CBeebies

Rosscoe Deasy

929 days ago

So much more than a book review; a well informed and compelling love letter to British railways and a nostalgic lament for what has befallen them.

Trains in Space

Rosscoe Deasy

953 days ago

A revolution indeed, if only half of it is true it is still a signpost towards a better world.

The Seas Will Save Us: How an Army of Ocean Farmers are Starting an Economic Revolution

Rosscoe Deasy

961 days ago

Thought provoking article on the realisation of self image through paid employment. What does it mean to be successful.

Why do we work so hard?

Rosscoe Deasy

961 days ago

Very insightful take on what really matters when looking to progress within the corporate world.

The career advice no one tells you

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