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Robert Rackley

61 days ago

This pinball as metaphor for modern life really hit me at a time when I'm looking to sell my beloved Star Wars pinball machine.

Balancing Our Attention Budget

Robert Rackley

1413 days ago

A very personal piece on how the shrinking of national monuments can affect us.

The Grand Staircase

Robert Rackley

1443 days ago

These are hard truths from an evangelical leader.

American evangelicalism is old and sick and weak, and doesn’t even know it. We are bored by what the Bible reveals as mysterious and glorious, and red-in-the-face about what hardly matters in the broad sweep of eternity. We clamor for the kind of power the world can recognize while ignoring the very power of God that comes through Christ and him crucified. We’ve traded in the Sermon on the Mount for slogans on our cars. We’ve exchanged Christ the King for Christ the meme. And through it all, we demonstrate what we care about—the same power and self-leverage this age already values.

What a Stupid Bumper Sticker Can Tell Us About American Christianity

Robert Rackley

1511 days ago

Sometimes I want my life to be something like the impossible stillness captured in this video.

Slow Meadow - Lamellophone and the Gulf of Mexico

Robert Rackley

1535 days ago

This article brings up a point that I spoke about at our church's 60th anniversary. Faith communities and also other civic groups that create bonds between people are breaking down. There are many reasons that this is occurring. The rise of the "nones," the isolating influence of contemporary technology and the tendency for families to geographically distribute are just a few. This trend is tremendously problematic, as humans trend to thrive in community.

Alienation Is Killing Americans and Japanese

Robert Rackley

1543 days ago

I've known people who have felt this way after spending too much time on their iPads.

Also, in 2015, this was seen as a little counterculture and a little weird. In just the last two years, this has become a mainstream topic—people questioning their tech habits. People are noticing that they’re feeling distracted, and that they’re unable to focus. I think that it’s become not weird to say, “Put away your phone!”

This Is Not a Tech Detox

Robert Rackley

1553 days ago

This piece sums up the problems with contemporary Western culture as well as, or better than, any that I've come across. The danger of overwhelming individualism promoted today has vast implications for the depth of our living and the legacies we leave behind.

Ingmar Bergman vs. The Spirit of Our Age

Robert Rackley

1556 days ago

We owe it to our whole selves to reclaim our attention.

Free your brain: How Silicon Valley denies us the freedom to pay attention

Robert Rackley

1574 days ago

Mary Timony is an amazing guitarist. I just saw Ex Hex love and their show blew me away.

Helium's Mary Timony Talks Two Decades of Offbeat Indie-Rock Excellence

Robert Rackley

1581 days ago

Many Christians are more ready to believe a man that won't accept the basic tenets of the faith than someone for whom faith is a core value.

Hillary Wants to Preach

Robert Rackley

1585 days ago

This article should be interesting to anyone who cares about musical quality.

Why Spotify Lowered the Volume of Songs and Ended Hegemonic Loudness

Robert Rackley

1589 days ago

Another piece worth reading and contemplating from Luke Harrington.

Be Offended and Do Not Sin: An Attempt to Reframe Our Culture of Perpetual Outrage

Robert Rackley

1595 days ago

Some industry executives believe SoundCloud was ultimately outmatched by larger, savvier players. “In my opinion, they bit off more than they could chew,” says Nick Catchdubs, co-founder of the label Fool’s Gold. “Spotify spent a decade turning streaming subscriptions into a consumer product, and Apple literally invented the modern digital music store years before that. So I don't know how anyone could think SoundCloud could pivot from DIY, user-uploaded content to a functional (let alone competitive) retail service overnight. And the change disregarded what made people mess with SoundCloud in the first place... it tried to be all things to all people, yet the end results were alienating on all sides.”

How SoundCloud's broken business model drove artists away

Robert Rackley

1603 days ago

This is the Muslim tradition of sci-fi and speculative fiction

Robert Rackley

1610 days ago

So many important examples here of how even pop culture teachers us the Christian message not to repay evil for evil.

Don’t Embrace the Power of the Dark Side

Robert Rackley

1619 days ago

But the truth is that running a platform for culture creation is, increasingly, a charity operation undertaken by larger companies. Servers are expensive, and advertisers would rather just throw money at Facebook than take a chance on your weird, problematic network. Generating and incubating internet culture has little market value in and of itself.

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