Cameron Russell

562 days ago

it would be foolish to ignore the role that the highly ideological and destructive GOP agenda would likely play in his presidency. Having won no mandate yet finding themselves in control of all three branches of the U.S. government, the current brand of hardball, play-for-keeps Republicans are sure to use misleading language, obscure legislative tactics, and zealous partisanship to push through a neoliberal economic and social fundamentalist agenda that will seek to use taxpayer funds to further subsidize wealthy corporations and individuals, strip Americans of their public assets, and sideline groups -- such as women, people of color, members of LGBTQ communities, and Muslims -- that they consider threatening to the social order they seek to reestablish.

America's Zero Moment

One of the most riveting narratives released in recent weeks was not a tweet issued by the president elect, but a transcript chronicling the tragic final hours of 33 crew members who died on the El Faro, a merchant ship that sank in the midst of Hurricane Joaquin near the Bahamas in October of 2015.