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Ben Newell

516 days ago

Isaac Asimov: How to Never Run Out of Ideas Again

Ben Newell

789 days ago

Bloody hell... someone actually wrote something sensible about bots/messengers-as-a-platform 😮

Bots won't replace apps. Better apps will replace apps.

Ben Newell

805 days ago

So many good insights. Must get round to reading Creativity Inc soon.

Staying one step ahead at Pixar: An interview with Ed Catmull

Ben Newell

839 days ago

The future is gonna be pretty interesting.

What’s Next in Computing?

Ben Newell

840 days ago

Hyperbole-laced ending aside, an excellent explanation of when and where chatbots will be valuable.

The Future of Chat Isn’t AI

Ben Newell

854 days ago

Telling a good story is everything

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