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Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

348 days ago

Avoid purchasing an unsafe car or see how safe your current one is by reviewing data provided by the IIHS. Knowing vehicle performance results in IIHS tests can help you steer clear of the ones likely to cause injuries and death when an accident occurs.

By referring to this IIHS test result data, you can make informed decisions about safety features and performance before making a purchase.

If you rely on a car dealer for information about safety features and ratings of a vehicle, you may not be getting accurate information. And you may be purchasing a less safe vehicle than intended. gathered the following essential information about the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, what the organization represents, and how their influence has consistently changed and improved vehicle safety since their creation.

What Does IIHS Stand For And Why Are They Important?

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

378 days ago

If your worn-out shock absorbers or struts are robbing you of a safe and smooth ride in your car, wouldn’t you want to get that fixed? By knowing when to replace them, you can prevent the anxiety of an unstable ride and multiple mechanical problems they can contribute to. collected essential information about when your shock absorbers should be replaced, the signs that they have failed, the damage they can cause over time, and their purpose on your vehicle.

When Should My Car’s Shock Absorbers Be Replaced?

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405 days ago

Stop a fogged up windshield from obstructing your view of the road and resulting in an accident. Knowing why your windshield is fogging up will help you to clear it up with ease. assembled information about why windshields fog up and the steps you can take to stop it from reducing your visibility when operating your vehicle.

The following factors lead to a reduced or completely obstructed vision from a fogged-up windshield:

Temperature Differences - Moisture condenses inside your windshield when airborne moisture is present in your car, and the glass is colder than the dew point. The dew point is the temperature at which moisture condenses, forming dew, fog, or mist.

Why Does My Car Windshield Keep Fogging Up?

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

434 days ago

Your balding tires can cause a loss of control of your vehicle, a collision, or severe physical injuries. Knowing when to replace your tires, will help you take action to avoid flat tires, accidents, and expensive repairs.

Allowing your tires to wear down to unsafe levels or ignoring defects in your tires will place your car and the well-being of its occupants at risk. put together an informative list of several signs that indicate when to get new tires, and important tips to help you check them regularly.

7 Signs You Need New Tires

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

467 days ago

Avoid paying for expensive car damages when you fail to get your squealing brakes fixed. Brakes will squeal, squeak, or grind for several reasons, some must be corrected immediately for your safety on the road. gathered the following essential information about why your brakes may squeal, squeak, or grind, and what you can do about it.

When the most powerful, arguably the most vital, system of your car (your brake system) starts squealing, squeaking, or grinding, it’s a reliable indication that something is wrong and needs to be looked at.

Why Are My Brakes Squealing?

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

501 days ago

Don’t neglect your car’s smoking engine, this can end up being a total loss and you’ll have no transportation. There can be multiple reasons why your engine starts smoking, and each will require your immediate attention. gathered essential information about why an engine can start to smoke, what the color of that smoke means, and why it is extremely urgent to have your car serviced as quickly as possible.

Why Is My Car Engine Smoking?

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

528 days ago

It is awe-inspiring to see how many world-famous brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, and Ducati are connected to Volkswagen, one of the largest companies in the world.

Today, the Volkswagen Group is one of the top 10 companies in the world by revenue, controls 12 incredible brands, consists of over 50 subsidiaries and is majority-owned by the Porsche-Piech family.

The Volkswagen Group Subsidiaries and Brands

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

558 days ago

One day, you’re driving down the road and “POW,” a car crashes into yours. Fender bender accidents happen every day and if you don't know what to do, you can end up in a legal, medical, or financial nightmare?

After a collision with another vehicle, regardless of sustained damages, you are legally obliged to stop. Your refusal to stop after an accident is considered a “hit and run” regardless of who was at fault.

What to Do after a Fender Bender Car Accident

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593 days ago

Is your vehicle one of millions equipped with a deadly Takata airbag inflator? Discover the reason for the recent airbag recall and learn which vehicles are affected by these airbags. gathered information concerning the Takata airbag recall, its potential damage to you in if deployed, how you can determine if your vehicle is a part of this recall, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Takata Airbag Recall Information and Check by VIN

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

621 days ago

This may be your last chance to own a brand new VW Beetle! The 2019 “Final Edition” is the last of this 80-year-old iconic model as Volkswagen steers towards its line of all-electric vehicles. takes a look back in time and recounts some of the extraordinary milestones of the Beetle along with some lesser known and surprising facts.

The first Beetle, known as the Type 1, was commissioned by none other than Adolf Hitler. Volkswagen was founded in Wolfsburg, Germany in 1937 and was owned by the German government, originally named “Volkswagenwerk” which translates to “The People’s Car Company.”

The Type 1 rolled off the assembly line in 1938 and has had many nicknames since then, Käfer (Beetle in German), Beetle, and Bug to name a few. One nickname it could or should have garnered but never did was that of the car's designer, Ferdinand Porsche (yes, the founder of the Porsche car company).

Is Volkswagen Ending Production of the Beetle

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650 days ago

If you could avoid traffic violations, accidents, or even a fatality by following a few simple driving safety tips, would you do it?

You can see bad driving habits by taking a short drive around your own neighborhood, let alone getting on the highway. The safety of your vehicle, its passengers, and others on the road is paramount each and every time you get behind the wheel.

By improving your own driving habits, the chances of becoming a statistic are lowered significantly. The following highway safety tips will aid you in avoiding potentially life-threatening situations, subsequently making the roadways safer for everyone.

Top 10 Highway Driving Safety Tips

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

683 days ago

What would you do when you turn the ignition, and your car won’t start? This is probably one of the worst sensations you can have in a vehicle, especially when there’s no apparent reason for it.

When your vehicle loses power and won’t turn over, there can be multiple reasons for it. The battery however, is the usual culprit, but there may be an underlying issue. And, without finding the reason, you may find yourself stranded or waiting for roadside assistance. helps you to uncover the reasons car batteries can die, how to solve the problem before getting stranded, and who you can call when there is no one around to give you a jump.

My Car Won’t Start – Is My Battery Dead or My Alternator?

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

712 days ago

Audi’s all-electric vehicle lineup just got larger. The new Q4 E-tron SUV, was released in concept form at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, as Audi looks to strengthen its presence in the – sure to be over-crowded – all-electric SUV market.

Scheduled to begin production in 2020, the Q4, Audi’s 5th all-electric vehicle is a slightly smaller version of its popular E-tron SUV series with the same exceptional qualities and efficiencies you’d expect from Audi craftsmanship. takes you in for a closer look at the new Audi Q4 E-tron’s specs, high quality interior, sleek exterior, and solid performance.

The New Audi Q4 E-Tron All-Electric Affordable SUV

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

739 days ago

Is your car shaking and rattling your nerves? Vehicles are engineered to ride smooth, and when they shake, it’s a strong indication that something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed. Vehicles in great running conditions shouldn’t shake, and knowing how to identify the causes will aid you to avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs when you take your car to a mechanic. sheds some light on the reasons you may experience shaking, engine vibration, and power loss.

Why is My Car Shaking and Engine Losing Power?

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

774 days ago

You have the ability to lower your car insurance premiums by doing one of 8 things. When it comes to your auto insurance, you have more influence over the premiums than you may think. Owning a vehicle is already fairly expensive, and when you add insurance to the cost, it can get ridiculous. By following simple steps, you can significantly reduce the cost of your auto insurance premium.

Tips to Save Money on Your Car Insurance Premium

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804 days ago

Without knowing what to look for, you could be unwittingly purchasing someone else’s car problem instead of your transportation solution. Volkswagen Jetta’s can be full of hidden and expensive maintenance issues. Before purchasing one, you should know what to look for, how to find it, and if it is worth the cost of fixing. Before making a decision about the purchase of a used VW Jetta, use this guideline to ensure that you are getting a safe and mechanically sound car.

Guide for Buying a Used Volkswagen Jetta

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

829 days ago

If you own a Volkswagen or Audi, you may be entitled to a reimbursement of up to $6,500 from the timing chain settlement. Discover which vehicle models and years are included and if yours is qualified. If your vehicle qualifies, there is a timeline for you to be included in this settlement.

Volkswagen and Audi Timing Chain Settlement Recall and Repair Reimbursement Information

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874 days ago

With auto insurance premiums on the rise, fatal accidents from distracted driving, and embarrassing & costly traffic tickets, everyone can can benefit from learning about defensive driving. The simple tips found in this article will help you make important adjustments to the way you drive and think on the road.

Defensive Driving Tips

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894 days ago

Car safety technology has had major advancements in the last few years, making our vehicles safer to drive and offering a better experience altogether. Learn how technology is making the road safer for us and why you should consider these features when you are in the market for a new car!

New Car Safety Technology and Features

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

924 days ago

When you have car engine trouble, the right thing to do is get it fixed. In many cases, the wrong thing to do is to settle for generic or cheap parts. Saving a little bit now could result in major engine damages and expensive repairs. Learn which parts should always be replaced with premium OEM parts.

Buy Premium When Replacing These 6 Auto Parts

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956 days ago

Stop spending so much time and money filling up your gas tank. Your car's fuel efficiency depends on several factors, including regular maintenance, the way you drive and even your tire pressure. Discover how to calculate your car's mpg on trips and in the city, and easy ways to improve fuel economy.

Fuel Economy – 10 Tips to Improve Vehicle Gas Mileage

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

985 days ago

When you buy a car, one of the first thing you should do is check the manual for a service schedule. It will give you parameters for when certain parts need to be serviced or replaced. Also, when something goes wrong, get it fixed quickly. By allowing minor repairs to become major expenses, you are adding to the already expensive cost of owning a vehicle. If you thought a car payment and insurance premium were the total cost of ownership, think again. Learn how preventative and regular maintenance save you money and discover how much owning that car really costs.

The Real Cost of Car Ownership

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

1013 days ago

Cars by nature need servicing, tune-ups, and repairs. So many of us have had negative experiences at dealerships, and for good reason! No one wants to be treated like a number and then told that the problem was going to cost a fortune to fix along with a list of other things that they want to do to your car. This is where independent auto repair shops shine. Your experience is a personal one. Chances are the person who did your paperwork is the mechanic who will work on your car. You can actually see the work being done, and surprisingly, these shops can get better prices on parts! Discover more about the benefits of indie auto shops and mechanics in this insider article.

What the Dealership Won’t Tell You About Auto Repair Services

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

1049 days ago

Your engine's oil is its life blood. Depending on how you drive and what conditions you drive in will determine how often you should change your oil. When it comes time to have your vehicle serviced, don't be easily persuaded to switch to synthetic oil. There is a time when it may become an option, but if your car is running well, chances are you simply don't need it. Learn more about getting an oil change and when your next auto servicing should be.

Why and When I Should Get My Oil Changed

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

1078 days ago

The most powerful mechanism on your vehicle is the brakes. Anti-lock braking systems are now included in nearly all new vehicles, but many people do not know how to use it. Discover the purpose of ABS and how it can save you money on insurance and your life on the road.

How the Car Anti-Lock Brake System Works

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

1112 days ago

Driving on a donut spare tire for a prolonged period of time can have you ending up stranded or with severe car damage. Donut spares (space-saver spares) are made differently from regular tires and are only meant to get you to a service station. Learn more about the use of these tires and the important advisories that come with them.

How Long Can I Drive on a Donut Spare Tire?

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

1134 days ago

Driving in normal weather and road conditions is already challenging. Add snow to the mix and it can quickly become a deadly adventure. Visibility, traction, vehicle response time, etc. are all reduced when snow is on the ground. Use the tips in this article to better your skills and be more prepared for really bad weather.

Driving in the Snow – Vehicle Safety Tips

Autobahn Audi Volkswagen

1152 days ago

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