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Coca-cola history
Coke or Coca-Cola product is a carbonated soft drink produced by The Coca-Cola Company. Initially planned as a patent medication. It was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton and was purchased out by business owner Asa Griggs Candler. Whose marketing techniques led Coca-Cola to its dominance of the world soft-drink market throughout the 20th century. The beverage’s name describes 2 of its initial active ingredients: coca leaves, and kola nuts a source of caffeine. Coca-Cola soft drink 330ml taste the feeling

Coca-Cola has 500 soft drink brand names in more than 200 various nations and occupies 4 out of 5 best-selling beverages on the planet. Such as Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Coca Plus, Coca Coffee, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Zero Calories …

Coca-Cola soft drink’s original taste is the most popular beverage worldwide. This is also the best selling product of the company, readily available in almost every country. In particular, Coca-Cola accounts for 75% of the company’s sales and 25% of the drink market. Declaring to be an irreplaceable king in the Coca-Cola business. Coca-Cola offers quality and diverse beverages on a global scale and constantly looking to innovate in line with client needs. From low sugar items, natural products to organic items. Coca-cola understands that individuals must not consume too much sugar in their everyday diet. Coca-Cola’s sustainable advancement has taken practical and concrete actions, consisting of cutting sugar in drinks, to help consumers easily control the amount of sugar they utilize.

Coca Cola Vietnam
Running in Vietnam since 1994. Coca-Cola Global Beverage Company has made a positive contribution to the economy. Furthermore, supports sustainable social development through company financial investment, supply chain. And also circulation network, human resources, and community activities. In Vietnam, Coca-Cola achieves success on market.
“Taste The Feeling” campaign

Coca-Cola introduces the “Taste The Feeling” campaign. Advertising campaign for all items and countries such as Coca-Cola Soft Drink 330ml, Coca-Cola Diet, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, and Coca-Cola Plus Coffee. “Taste The Feeling” emphasizes the business’s dedication to every customer. When they choose any Coca-Cola products such as Coca Cola initial taste, Coca-Cola light, Coca-Cola no sugar. All of these tastes can be suitable for every single individual. Those have various tastes, lifestyles, even diet plans. Have calories, with or without caffeine. The campaign is promoting worldwide with an enjoyable, contextual, and country particular tune accompanied by tv commercials in the form of sentences. Basic casual programs bring intimacy, sharing emotions, and moments when individuals take pleasure in Coca-Cola. At each end, the Coca-Cola soft drink products link together under the renowned red plate of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola soft drink is for everybody. Coca-Cola is a brand with a lot of products line. All bring the same values and signs. So customers desire Coca-Cola remains in individual methods, whatever it is. They still desire a Coca-Cola with great flavor and freshness. “Taste the Feeling” will bring the concept of enjoying a Coca-Cola soft drink or any Coca-Cola line of product as a simple pleasure that makes each minute more special. Share the excellent minute.” Taste the Feeling” is a story.

The campaign’s creative activities revolve around the fundamentals of the Coca-Cola brand. Including red lettering, discs, iconic glass bottles, but with a more modern-day technique. When delighting in cool Coca-Cola bottles, Express the intimate moments of the stories, feelings, and experiences that individuals share

An important part of all the communication activities of the project “Taste the feeling” as well as other worldwide projects of Coca-Cola. This is music.

The background music of the project was composed and produced by Swedish-born artist and manufacturer Avicii. The performance of talented young vocalist Conrad Sewell – a well-known voice for the song “Firestone” family. Which has reached 300 million views on Spotify and more than 3 million disks worldwide.

The tune “Taste the feeling” includes music inspired by the sound of Coca-Cola: the flicker, the bubbling, and lastly the sound. This brand-new brand will be utilized throughout the brand’s global branding project.

The first acoustic version of the tune was shown on various television broadcasts for the brand-new campaign. Including the commercials “Anthem”, and the single with Avicii will be launched soon.

Avicii will produce an additional version of “Taste the feeling” for the Coca-Cola campaign. At 2016 European Football Championship and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio this year.

Integrating music and imaginative activities that influence enjoyment, emotion, and media experience. Coca-Cola has come closer to customers and has made Coca-Cola a great success. throughout the period.

The tune “Taste the feeling” and the campaign video likewise brought in hundreds of thousands of views on youtube in less than two months. So at first developing a better, more familiar in the hearts of customers. Love this beverage brand internationally.

Coca Cola “Taste The Feeling” Product Campaign.

Coke or Coca-Cola product is a carbonated soft drink produced by The Coca-Cola Company. Initially planned as a patent medication. It was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton and was purchased out by business owner Asa Griggs Candler.